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How to host the perfect kick ons

How to host the perfect kick ons

So the “official” party is done but you're still feeling it? Should we go home?

Ah, yeahhhh Naaaaa, let’s get Nastee! 

If you're ready to turn it up and get wild, then it's time you got yourself acquainted with Australia's ultimate guide to throwing a kick-ons bash.

But first, for non-Aussies: what WTF are kick-ons? 

Well here in Oz, we know how to let loose and keep the party going all night/morning long. No room for those who can barely make it through pres - we're not fond of Cinderellas, mate.

#1. The Spot: Choose the Perfect Place for Your Kick-Ons

First things first, you gotta find a spot that can fit all ya mates without feeling cramped or disturbing too many normal people sleeping at 4m. 

Plus, it needs to have the right vibes for everyone in attendance - and enough space for them to get down like no one's watching. 

Just remember to check with your neighbours beforehand or you might have an unexpected visit from old matey blue! Meaning if you have shit neighbors, kick-ons is going to be tough. 

We have concluded the best spot is kitchen table, or outside glass top garden tabel in the summer.

#2. It's Never Enough: Stock Up

We're sure you want to host kick-ons that will will bantered about the following weekend. So make sure to feed all the little degenerates and have available drinks and “party snacks” or the right plug, or maybe even just invite the plug! So everyone can keep up with mingling and dancing. 


You can never have enough bags! So determin what’s a good amount to get loose, but dont paraletic. Plus don't forget about non-drinkers - if they exist in your gang or in your world - provide some non-alcoholic drinks (plenty of water) to keep everyone from getting too crooked.

#3. Keep It High: Activities That Speed Ya'll Up


If you wanna keep the party vibes alive, why not chuck on some beer pong or flip cup (american games)? And don't forget to whack on some bangers from down under, turn the volume up to eleven, and get everyone bustin' a move until the sun comes up!

Not feeling the US vibes, get down to basics and challenge others to a good old-fashioned thong toss? 

Or get everyone involved in a game of backyard cricket if you are somehow feeling sporty! 

Just make sure to have plenty of activities planned throughout the night so no one gets bored or the one smack head who can’t stop talking once he/she gets a few in them.

#5 Get Nastee and crazy

At Nastee, we're all about livin' life on full blast! That means no ground rules at your kick-ons - if anyone wants to bring their own nose beers, even better, ya bloody legend! Come back next week. 

But be sure to please the lightweights with mocktails or Fanta pong.

There it is, your 1 kickons hosting event of the year is done! You won’t have to worry until the next round.

If you follow these tips, you'll kill the kick-ons bash and keep the good vibes flowing long into the morning hours! 


So, get dressed, grab those cans, and scooby snacks, call your gang and let's get this party started!!

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