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6 scenarios when you should get a bag

6 scenarios when you should get a bag

We know the expression should “we get a bag” has become bloody popular as we all find ways to scare the boring as fuk Mon-Fri (or Mon to Thurs lol). 

But what these little innocent beauties don't know is that, for legends like us, to get a bag means way more than just pilling up some bills, right? Now, when you're ready to party and up for it, be aware of the scenarios that are perfect to get happier and have the best nose beers.

Pres-parties are the perfect starter

Pres are a ripper way for mates to get together and have a chinwag before heading out to a bigger event or party. 

It can build up a fair bit of excitement and give you a chance to catch up on a few past time stories.


Also, pre-parties can be a top-notch way to save a bit of dosh, as you can BYO grog and tucker, instead of having to fork out for overpriced drinks at a pub or club.

Lastly, pre-parties give you more control over the setting, as they're usually held at someone's house or a spot that you and your mates have picked out. And that's exactly why they are the perfect scenario for you to get a bag.

So 30min into the pre’s, feel free to ask the lads, should we get a bag.

A comfortable and safe environment, rather than being crammed into a busy and potentially hectic public toilet stall. 

It’s a great way to get pumped up for a big night!

Keep up with the kick ons

Nothing says 'Aussie’' quite like a getting a bad at 3am during kick-on

When you grab your mates to have yourself a good ol' fashioned kick-on, be sure to share some stories and laughs, tuck into some delicious disco snacks, and of course, saving some space to for that delicious bag.

If you're trying to party like a true legend, here are some tips to make your kick-on bloody unforgettable:


  1. Choose an activity that everyone can get involved in – this could be anything from terrible karaoke or fortune cookie trivia.
  2. Chuck on some true blue Aussie doof doof or trance jamz to keep the atmosphere “alive”.
  3. Make sure everyone is having fun and participating at their own pace – no one should feel left out, share the bag.

But most importantly - don’t forget to call the plug for a big old bag! The number one factor for a solid kick on dumpster fire kitchen rave.


Enjoy the finger-licking good disco biscuits with some friends as you celebrate the great times watching the sun come up with your number 1’s.

Festivals are also a great scenario to get a bag 

Ok, so taking a bag to a festival demands a little bit more planning but once you’re in, it’s all gravy… music provided, hotties in rave outfits and you're not railing lines at home on the kitchen table, right? 

So really, it’s one of the best scenarios’s for a bag. 

A few reasons why a festival is the fckin best place for some nose beers:


  1. Gettin' off your chops with your boi/chickkas – festivals have a top-notch vibe where you can experiment safely with your trusted mates.
  2. Soak up the culture around ya and discover more about yourself when your senses are lit up like a Christmas tree.

3. Creating some fair dinkum memories that'll last longer than that floor pinga!

4. Expand your knowledge of the psychedelic culture, music, art, and literature by mixin' with experienced users.

5. Chuck a sickie and have a gander at activities that you wouldn’t normally do – from midnight rave parties to fire-breathing performances! It’s all at festivals and all better with a bag!

A friends' house is definitely the place to get a cheeky bag

It doesn't have to be a pres-party, a friend's house is always such a good and safe enviroment to crack on a bag. 

When thinking about getting a bag, don't be selfish, mate. Share the good stuff with the ones who deserve it, your number 1 crew members.


So next time a buddie is planning a shin big, grab a bag to liven it up a little. No one will be more happy than the people attending when you pull out that beautiful bag. 

You're on vacation? Add some spice to it.

By spice we mean “bag”! There are so many reasons to get a bag and having some fun in an unknown land. Here's how your relaxing times will get even better when you throw some pixi powder in the mix:


  1. Discover the hidden gems of your destination – explore lesser known areas, nightlife spots and secret parties that offer a unique cultural experience.
  2. Enjoy “heightened” senses for gaining a more intense appreciation of your surroundings.
  3. Appreciate art, music and literature in a whole new way – from surreal visuals to deeper connections with rhythms when your senses are altered. A bag will be a perfect companion.
  4. Get to know locals in a unique way by connecting over a nose beers. Gang up with the local degenerates.
  5. Unleash your creativity while being away from the pressures at home – it’s the perfect time to explore something different!

Some fine more"scenarios" to get a bag, you will thank us for it later ;)

Even better, surprise your hommi or homegirl with a gift baggy. The type of love you can express.

Pick up a bucket hat, a hoodie, a tee or even a hoodie with the infamous “should we get a bag” catch phrase to stand out as the degenerate to lead the rest!

Or a good gift to your closest mate that deserves the crown. A gift they will also always want to remember. 

So let the good times sharing bags roll. 

Did this list remind you of someone? Share with your gang! And, of course, get around with our latest news on our social.


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