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What are nose beers?

What are nose beers?

We know you're the kind of degenerate who enjoys never-ending raves, too many beers, cheeky bags, afters, college parties and living the good life of festivals

Have a couple of nose beers is a permanent part of your weekly schedule, the moment your out, you need to call your partners in crime at 2 am to take things to the nest level, right?

Well, not everyone is such an expert like you, and although you're the greatest snow blower of the gang, maybe even you don't know why you name that happy moment with your friends nose beers

No worries, we're here to draw some…um… some lines other than the ones you already know.

Why is it called nose beers?

If you're reading this, you probably feel that chugging beers with the boys is as easy as 1, 2, 3 or drinking water on a hot summer day. Every chance you get, you hook up with the gang to do some more, and nobody is stopping you.

Well, if you drink all that beer with your mouth, what do you do with your nose? Oh yeah! A helluva lot of drergs!

So, to keep things in line: we call this outrageous habit nose beers because sniffing cocaine is just as casual as chugging a beer with the boys.

For those a little slow or not reading. SURPRISE…… Nose Beers = Cocaine!!!!!!

Does that sound familiar to you?


Why do we love to do nose beers so much?

Ok, so you know, there's a legion of fans of that little white bag you love. And, just a note: we're not trying to incentivize you to go to the extremes - hold up if you're getting too deep on the subject, mate -  but, we mean, love is love, right?

Yup there are a lot of people that love to hit the white lines, and some go a little too far. Draw your own lines, mate. 

And, even if you're not that frequent, it's always good to be part of a gang who knows where to get the sparkle of the party. And it's good to show some appreciation for that, right?


Show everyone how you love nose beers

If you've found your gang of bag lovers, it's time to connect and show genuine appreciation to the pile of snow you line up together on the weekends, ya beauty.

You know you belong together, and you know who sets the rules, right?

You probably have a record of the times you spent doing nose beers with these guys and how much they appreciate your company when starts to snow.

By the way, if you feel like introducing some of your nose beers partners to some inspirational nose beers memes, go ahead and have fun on our social media.

Now bring home a t-shirt that shows all your love to your partners in crime? That makes a statement. 

You will find nose beers t-shirts all around, but you should always honor the originality. Do it like the bloody legends do and pick your nose beers t-shirt from a real Australian brand.

Nastee's Nose Beers T-Shirt is a must-have, and the same way you rely on your mates, this t-shirt can team up with other pieces to design your style.


Time to line up with the blokes, mate. Just get Nastee.

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