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10 Cities That Know How to Party

10 Cities That Know How to Party

So you like to party, with no regards toward tomorrow?…No worries, mate! You've landed in the perfect spot if you're after a ripper time and a few nose beers. 

Aussies know how to chuck a good bash, but sometimes ya just gotta crank it up a notch.

That's why we've put together a list of ten party towns or cities where you can really cut loose and forget all your adult problems. Fair dinkum though, these cities aren't for the softies, and you might end up losing more than a few dolla bills (Diginity, passport, etc, you know the important stuff!).

So, grab a coldie and get ready to suss out the wildest party cities around the globe.

How to find your party cities? 

First things first, mate. You don't have to follow all of our ideas, you can make up your mind with simple answered questions about party cities.

What's the nightlife scene like in the city, mate? Is it fair dinkum?

The nightlife scene in a city can vary, depending on the size of the city, the population demographics, and the overall culture and vibe.

Some cities are known for their wild party scenes, with heaps of bars, clubs, and entertainment options, while others may have a more laid-back atmosphere.

If you're after a true blue, dinki-di party scene, you'll wanna do some research and read up on reviews from other travellers to make sure it's fair dinkum.


Are there any popular party areas or districts, cobber? Where's the best place to get your party on?

The city you pick HAS to have specific areas or districts that are known for their party scenes. These may be neighborhoods with a high concentration of bars and clubs, or areas with heaps of outdoor entertainment options. 

If you're after a fair shake of the sauce bottle, you'll wanna hit up the best party areas in town. Some ripper party areas around the world include the Las Vegas Strip, Bourbon Street in New Orleans, and the Red Light District in Amsterdam. But don't forget to check out the local spots too, they might surprise ya!


What are the legal drinking and partying age restrictions in the city, mate? Can I crack open a cold one yet?

The legal drinking and partying age can vary from city to city and country to country, but in Australia, the legal drinking age is 18. So, if you're old enough to shout your mates a few frothies, you're in luck! 

Just make sure you're not carrying on like a pork chop and getting caught out by the cops. It's always good to check the laws and regulations of the city you plan to visit, so you can party hard and stay out of trouble.


#1 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Ah, Sin City - where anything goes, and everything stays. Las Vegas is known for its vibrant nightlife, with countless clubs, bars, and casinos. You can party 24/7 here, with no last call and no judgment. From pool parties to nightclubs, there's always something happening in Vegas. Just be prepared to lose track of time (and maybe some money).

#2 - Amsterdam, Netherlands


If you're keen to get off your scone and have a loose night out, then Amsterdam's the go. Known for its liberal attitudes towards drugs and sex, it's a top choice for party-goers. Just watch out for the pushbikes and canal bridges after a few too many frothies.

#3 - Ibiza, Spain

Image: Magic Ibiza

Ibiza is the ultimate party island, attracting thousands of visitors every year with its legendary clubs and parties. The island has a unique atmosphere, with beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets, and the best DJs in the world. 

From pool parties to boat parties, there's no shortage of fun in Ibiza. Just make sure you pace yourself - the party never stops here.


#4 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is known for its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and, of course, its annual carnival. But even outside of carnival season, Rio is a party paradise. 

The city has a thriving club scene, with samba clubs, live music venues, and beach bars. And let's not forget about the caipirinhas - the national cocktail of Brazil. You'll be dancing the night away in Rio.

#5 - Bangkok, Thailand



Crikey, Bangkok's a city that never turns in for the night, especially when it comes to its nightlife. The joint's got some of the wildest clubs and bars in Southeast Asia, with live music, cheap grog, and an easygoing vibe. 

And if you're up for a bit of adventure, why not scope out the infamous "red light district" of Patpong? Just brace yourself for some fair dinkum culture shock, mate.


#6 - Berlin, Germany


Blimey, Berlin's the party capital of Europe, with a diverse and eclectic club scene that caters for every taste. From techno clubs to jazz bars, you'll never be bored in Berlin, mate. And the best part? Clubs don't shut down, so you can party until the cows come home (and then some). Just don't forget your dancing shoes and an open mind, ya hear?

Berlin's also the bee's knees when it comes to cool, with a nightlife scene that's off the charts. There are stacks of clubs, bars, and underground parties to choose from, and the music's pumping. If you're into techno or house, then this is the spot for you, mate. Don't miss out on this bloody ripper party town!


#7 - New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


Strewth, New Orleans is more than just Mardi Gras madness - the Big Easy's always ready to throw down a ripper time. The joint's got some of the best jazz joints on the planet, with live tunes every night of the week. 

And don't get us started on Bourbon Street - a 24/7 party zone with bars and clubs to satisfy any craving. Just be ready for some fair dinkum wild sights on the streets of NOLA, alright?

#8 - Cancun, Mexico

Cancun's a top pick for uni students who wanna let loose during spring break, but it's not just for the youngins, mate. 

This Mexican town knows how to crack on, with boundless beaches, all-inclusive resorts, and dirt-cheap tequila shots. But be a bit careful not to stray too far from the touristy bits - you don't wanna end up in a dodgy situation.


#9 - Sydney, Australia 

Of course, we had to include our own backyard on this list. Sydney's got a bloody ripper nightlife scene with some of the best bars and clubs in the country. 

The harbour views are bonza, and there's no shortage of waterfront bars to sink a cold one in. And let's not forget about Bondi Beach, where the beach parties are fair dinkum tops!

#10 - Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo's a bloody ripper for a wild night out, mate. You can belt out bangers in a karaoke bar, get your techno fix in an underground club, or try your luck in a pachinko parlour.

The party scene in Tokyo's unreal, cobber. Fancy rooftop bars or cosy izakayas, there's something for everyone. Just make sure you pace yourself, or you'll feel like a dingo's breakfast next day.

And don't even get me started on the nosh, mate. Sushi, ramen, sake - you name it, Tokyo's got it. Feeling brave? Give horse sashimi or blowfish a burl. But be careful with the sake, or you'll end up like a possum up a gum tree.


Other 10 party cities to check off your list

Now that you got to know the first 9 party cities more in-depth, here is a list of 10 other ones to have on top of your mind:


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Miami, USA

New York City, USA

Barcelona, Spain

Prague, Czech Republic

Montreal, Canada

Dubai, UAE

Cape Town, South Africa

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mykonos, Greece


They're known for their fair dinkum lively atmospheres and the chance to let your hair down and have a bloody top-notch time. 

Whether you're keen for a wild night out or a more laid-back vibe, these party cities will surely give you a banger of a time. So chuck on your dancing shoes, pack your bags, and get ready to party like a true blue Aussie!

Get ready to party hard anywhere

If you're ready to pack and find your next party, we mean trip, your apparel should go along with it, ya beauty! Here at Nastee, you'll find the perfect threads to suit any party city on the map.

Whether you're heading to Rio's beachside bashes or hitting up Berlin's underground techno scene, we've got you covered. So, browse our selection and get ready to slay in style!


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