6 Australian celebrities that have a Nastee style

6 Australian celebrities that have a Nastee style

The Nastee style is all about makin' bold statements, rockin' outrageous designs, and throwin' in some Aussie slangs into your fashion game. It's about standin' out from the crowd, embracin' your individuality, and showin' off your true Aussie spirit.

From cheeky graphic tees with catchy slogans to jaw-droppin' hoodies with eye-poppin' designs, every piece is a conversation starter. It's about wearin' your personality loud and proud.

Some Australian celebrities are academy awards winners, and some are not only academy awards winners but are also street style rockers and get as Nastee as it can be.

Being in acting career or being a film producer, an australian musician, an australian rapper, or, we bring here a list of names that will inspire you to get Nastee too.


Liam Hemsworth: an Australian actor that knows how to chill

Liam Hemsworth, he's a true-blue legend, mate! Forget about Mel Gibson and John Travolta, this is considered the sexiest man alive by many. Liam perfectly embodies the chill and fun spirit that we're all about here at Nastee.

australian celebrities

With his laid-back attitude and effortless coolness, he's like the poster child for our style. Whether he's carving up waves or just hangin' out with his mates, he's always got that relaxed and genuine vibe goin' on.

liam hemsworth

What's tops about Liam is how down-to-earth he is. He's relatable to folks from all walks of life, just like our brand aims to be. He's got that authentic and inclusive nature, with a carefree and fun-loving style.

Rose Byrne: Chic with an Aussie Twist

When it comes to struttin' a style that's as chilled as a cold one, as youthful as a cheeky grommet, and all about enjoyin' the good life, Rose Byrne is the real McCoy, with a wicked fashion sense.

She's known for a talent that'll knock your socks off. Whether she's rockin' a red carpet event or casual streetwear, Rose effortlessly combines that laid-back charm with a touch of class, showcasing her own unique style.

But here's the real beauty, mate. Rose Byrne is fair dinkum when it comes to her Aussie spirit. She embraces her Aussie charm like a true legend, addin' that beachy feel and a sense of adventure to her outfits. Just like us!

Our bold and edgy designs are a deadset match, makin' it a bloody bonza combo for festival-goers, party animals, and anyone keen on livin' life to the fullest.

Rebel Wilson: being Nastee starts with the name

When it comes to rockin' a style that's as vibrant as a rainbow lorikeet and as unique as a didgeridoo, Robin Wilson is a bona fide Aussie style icon.

But that's not all, mate. She's also a true talent in her field, provin' time and time again that she's got the skills to pay the bills.

australian celebrities

Rebel Wilson in chill style with her international fame

Robin is known for her bold fashion choices and her ability to effortlessly blend different styles into one cohesive look. From funky patterns to eye-poppin' colors, she's got a knack for creatin' outfits that make a statement and leave ya breathless.

But it's not just her fashion sense that's worth admirin', cobber. Robin Wilson is a powerhouse in her industry, with a talent that shines brighter than the Southern Cross. Whether she's belting out tunes or gracin' the silver screen, she captivates audiences with her undeniable charisma and raw talent.

Hugh Jackman: The Dazzlin' Wolverine of Style

With a career as illustrious as the Sydney skyline, this Aussie legend has left an indelible mark on both the silver screen and the stage.

From his breakout role as Wolverine in the X-Men franchise, Hugh captivated audiences worldwide with his rugged charm and undeniable presence as an actor, besides film producer.

He gained recognition with the iconic character, bringin' to life the fierce mutant with his ferocious performance and chiseled good looks. But Hugh's talent extends far beyond mutant mayhem.

In the realm of style, Hugh transitions from red carpet elegance, rockin' tailored suits with flair, to casual ensembles that showcase his relaxed Aussie vibe.

hugh jackman as best actor

Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman styles as best actor

His innate sense of fashion and confidence make him a trendsetter, inspirin' many with his sartorial choices.

If you're lookin' to channel Hugh Jackman's magnetic style and unparalleled talent, Nastee is your go-to. Simply pick from our range of stylish and edgy designs that captures that Hugh Jackman charisma. Embrace your inner Wolverine, ya bloody legend!

Ruby Rose: the edgy australian actress

This Aussie legend has got us all hooked with her one-of-a-kind fashion sense that's a perfect match for the Nastee style. 

One of our most talented actresses, with her androgynous vibes, Ruby Rose effortlessly blends the blokey and the sheila elements, creating a style that's as unique as a kangaroo in a tuxedo.

Ruby Rose has a all-in-one style

Ruby Rose has a all-in-one style

Ruby Rose's connection to the Nastee style is as clear as arvo sunshine. Both share a fearless approach to fashion, embracin' self-expression, and takin' pride in what makes you a true-blue Aussie. Just like Nastee apparel, Ruby Rose's style urges ya to step outta ya comfort zone.

Margot Robbie: an Australian actress that makes a statement

Our remarkable Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie knows how to bring the heat. This Aussie bombshell, known for her electrifyin' performances on the big screen, has captured hearts with her mesmerizin' fashion sense that's a perfect fit for the Nastee style.

With her mix of elegance and edginess, Margot effortlessly exudes a vibe that's as fierce as a crocodile and as alluring as the Great Barrier Reef.

Harley Quinn gets chill

Harley Quinn gets chill 

She's got a knack for takin' risks and pushin' boundaries - not only on her acting career, from Wolf of Wall Street to Suicide Squad - just like Nastee apparel. 

She ain't afraid to make a statement. Margot's style seamlessly blends sophistication with a touch of wildness, creatin' looks that are both polished and rebellious.

Miranda Kerr: Nastee from the runways to the street of Australia

Miranda Kerr shines bright like a diamond in Australia. This Aussie supermodel, known for struttin' her stuff on runways around the world, embodies the essence of the Nastee style.

This Aussie supermodel, known for struttin' her stuff on runways around the world, embodies the chilling feellings that Nastee brings, with her impeccable fashion sense.

Miranda Kerr stands out amongst famous australians

Miranda Kerr stands out amongst famous australians

From her early days as a Victoria's Secret Angel to her current work as a successful entrepreneur in Australia, Miranda Kerr has established herself as a powerhouse in the world of fashion.

How to get Nastee as these Australian celebrities?

To rock the Nastee style like our Aussie celebs, embrace your boldness and make a statement with your fashion choices.

Add eye-catching pieces that push boundaries and reflect your unique style. Be different, think outside the box, and let your fashion tell your story.

Unleash your inner Nastee and own that Aussie style now!


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