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20+ festival outfits you can show off in

20+ festival outfits you can show off in

You're getting ideas ready, making plans, saving up and setting up the “medical kit” with your gang for the festival season. Last step is to lock down the perfect outfits to stand out in the crowd.

Yes, festivals are a real runaway for degenerate beauties like yourself. If you're looking for killer festival outfits to compete for attention with artists on stage and make the moment worth the gram, hey, we don’t miss a beat, and, of course, we've got you, mate. 


We listed the best 20 ideas to get the perfect music festival look, lock in that rave outfit just how you like it, boobie tassels, and all. Doing a multi-day bender? Choose an outfit for each day.

TIP - Keep your outfits in separate plastic bags, it makes it easy to get your kit on and keeps it clean as we know that the hidden vodka bottle in your bag is bound to leak.

1. Floral maxi dress for a boho vibe

Gather the flowers and the boho hat. They will compose your romantic look.

Maxi Flower Dress

Maxi dress (Hale Bob)


2. A skirt and a tank top for hot weather days

Simple is better, right? When summer is on festival days, the best way to go is to keep it light on top and bottom. Suns out, guns out is an easy win!

3. A kimono over your favorite outfit for a unique look

Kimonos are a must-have. Fashion “icons” also know as “festival pill chewers” love em. They are guaranteed to draw eyeballs during the day and make a glamourous overnight outfit transition.


4. Scarf as a belt to add some color and style

It's time to accessorize. If you want an easy, yet stylish look, a scarf around your waist or neck is a good way to go. No need for overdressing, a scarf will add a touch of charm to any simple look.


5. Crop tops and high-waisted shorts for a fun summer look

Who doesn't love crop tops? They're easy to wear, easy to take off, super sexy, and your best friend for summertime festivals. Wear one, and be sure you'll turn heads.

6. Gladiator sandals and a peasant blouse for a casual look

If you're still trying to pull up that romantic yet casual look, invest it all in a gladiator sandal. The perfect clothing to go along with that would be a peasant blouse.

Festival outfits for the ones that go all the way (Rave Ready)

7. Sparkly tutus so you'll never get lost

Get ready to shine, ballerina. The festival is your stage, and the audience is all yours. Be sure to keep lights down in the morning, you'll need all the fire for the night.

8. Glow sticks to accessorize your look

If you're attending a rave, they're mandatory. If you are going to regular festivals, they will make a difference. If your festival outfit lacks some glow, accessorize with some glow sticks. Use them as hair accessories can give you extra-points for your festival outfit ideas.

9. Shiny metallic clothes that never fail

Not in a mood for obvious glow? Glow with a metallic outfit.  A wow style present 10 out of 10 festival clothing lists. Chic and glowy from morning to night.

10. Lots of sequins and sparkles

Sparkles and sequins are a must-have item in great music festival outfits, just like festival tattoos are (remember them?). If your festival clothing is too norm core, spice it up with these items and shine be it under the sun or the moon. 


11. Funky wigs and hats

Music festivals are supposed to be places where you feel happy and light. When it comes to your festival outfit, accessories like funky wigs can insure that feeling. Use colorful wigs and hats that make a statement.

12. Fishnet Tights

Also a festival classic. Fishnet tights make any festival-goer look more into a grunge style than a boho style, it's all in the details, right, mate?

13. A little bit of Faux Leather 

Feeling a little gothic or trying to play the bad bitch role on a festival? Go all the way with a faux leather pants or a faux leather complete style.

14. The super sexy look

Speaking of sexy, how about a all clivaged look? With this kind of outfit you will keep the heat out and the compliments on. 

Festival outfits to make everything more fun 

15. Get some rompers on

A fever in the 90s, rompers are comfortable, always a fad and loved by many. Goes well with a tank top or even if you're shirtless.

16. The classical jumpsuit

The rompers' sibling, jumpsuits add a little bit of charm and a classical look to your festival outfit. Definitely not recommended for festival-goers who want to keep it going for days and days.


17. Playsuit

Ok, is this another variation of rompers? Yes and no. It can definitely be sexier and easier to wear in all-day-festivals. Playsuits are extremelly feminine and a real trend in all types of festivals.

18. Skater dresses

Skater dresses make your silhouette longer, gives you the forever young, girl look. Women of all ages can match the dress with all types of accessories. Just don't forget to make it fun!


19. Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are loved by women and men alike, perfect to party, to face the sun, to play in the rain, to tie around your head if needed. 

20. Statement pieces

Say all you want without saying anything. Statement pieces can be shirts, hats, hoodies, crops. They have a clever statement that shares your mood with everyone.

Looks or comfort? Choose both

From Coachella outfits to simpler festivals where your style won't be on the top for the list of things people are about, the best festival clothing is the one that makes you comfortable yet stylish.

TIP: take a shirt, a hat for the day, and a hoodie if it gets colder at night. Stay hydrated and match your items. 

Want to find it all in just one place? Count on Nastee.


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