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9 Australian influencers on TikTok you have to follow

9 Australian influencers on TikTok you have to follow

If you have that super addictive personality like us, you're most likely on TikTok. And if you're anyway into Aussie’s doing stupid and hilarious things, it's a no-brainer: you need to follow these Australian influencers on TikTok.

Forget about the beauty influencer lifestyle, Aussies know how to make fun videos, the type of content that makes us get addicted to scrolling for hours. 

From Brisbane to Melbourne, Australian TikTokers kill it. And if you're up for TikTok dances, makeup tutorials, everyday life, and reaction vids that will upgrade your Aussie knowledge, these mates are the way to go.

If you want to dominate social media channels, get amongst it!

Before we start, maybe, just maybe, you wonder how these ridiculous influencers grow their social media. Or how do they have time for this sh*t?

Well, it's not only about TikTok, mate. But if you want to make social media look good on ya, be a lifestyle influencer, or a bodybuilding coach on a protein world profile, TikTok is mint.

How do these legends increase Youtube followers, boost Instagram accounts or make history on TikTok? There are no rules to being a TikTok influencer, so don't be a turkey.

Simple rules to follow, whether you want to be any kind of influencer, from making beauty videos or even giving haircare tips:

  • Hack the videos you love the most, imitate them
  • Get your gang to follow you first. Those same degenerates that follow you to festivals, huh?
  • Start listing good parties to attend
  • Get nice and outrageous clothes 
  • Press record whenever you can.

Now let's get to the list!

#1 of Australian influencers on TikTok: Daniel Gorringe 

You've probably seen this expression. Daniel Gorringe is a former Australian rugby player that reacts to the most outrageous videos like he's cooked, mate. This one makes the top Australian influencers list look keen. If you're a beauty blogger, chances are that he'll target you. 6.9 M followers


#2 of Australian influencers on TikTok: Mully

Legendary POVs, mate! Couldn't be less. Mully is originally a VR game player and an Australian youtuber that fills up his TikTok with shorts on his Youtube channel. Also, he goes crazy on react vids, making youtube followers worship him! 10.6 M followers


#3 of Australian influencers on TikTok: How Ridiculous

3 Aussie mates who love doing fun stuff. That's how these blokes became the legends they are.

Once you start, it's all about it! You'll be scrolling their Tik Tok for hours, looking for the next nastee adventure these social media influencers are up to. The kinda stuff people advertise you not to do at home. 14.7 M followers


#4 of Australian influencers on TikTok: Joel Bergs

If you've been looking for your goon of fortune, trying to get ready for the barbie, or any other Aussie expression, this TikTok Australian influencer is a bloody ripper. And  Joel Bergs won't let you forget: you laugh, you lose. Prepare yourself for a serious man who'll make you laugh.

#5 of Australian influencers on TikTok: Mochapom

What a doggy life this influencer might have. Mochapom can get bitchy and do everything to have the best time. Seriously, you'll feel jealous, but, you know… she'll be right.

The influencer has millions and millions of followers that wish they could get a piece of this life. 14.2 million followers

#6 of Australian influencers on Tik Tok: Adam Milardovic

Praaanks! With millions of views for each video, Adam interviews people from around, misleading them or making some outrageous jokes. 9.1 million followers

#7 of Australian influencers on TikTok: Ash Magic 

Of all Australian influencers, Ash Magic is the one who knows how to put up a good challenge. Feeling like being a little creative, challenging yourself and giggle a little bit? Follow this one, he's been killing it. 9.8 million followers

#8 of Australian influencers on TikTok: Rybtka Twins 

Double check these top Australian influencers, immersed in Australian pop culture and daily life content with a hint of fun with a lot of dancing. And you know, when you talk about dancing, that can really throw us back to all possibilities of partying hard, right mate?

#9 of Australian influencers on TikTok: Josh Dub 

This guy lives in another world. No, really. Name your top Instagram influencers, and none will top this TikTok influencer when it comes to being in different realities. Josh Dub chose the metaverse to be his home. 10.9 million followers

Bonus: TikTok

If you really want to understand Australian expressions, get inside of the culture, be more into what degenerates such as yourself have been up to on social media lately, mate, you just have to follow Nastee on TikTok.

Get amongst the latest apparel drops, festivals, and more!

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