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6 Australian expressions we love

6 Australian expressions we love

If ya wanna learn some fair dinkum Aussie slang phrases, then you've come to the right place. 

Aussies have a bit of a different way of talkin', and there's nothin' that brings us together more than slang language and degenerate language. 

We're more than just living the festival life, college parties, and dressing well. From the bush to the beach, we've got our own unique way of sayin' things, and it can be a bit confusing for anyone who's not used to it. 

But don't worry mate, I'm here to give ya a fair suck of the sav!

In this article, we'll be sharing with ya six bloody ripper Aussie slang phrases, the Australian expressions that we love the most and that will make ya sound like a true blue Aussie. 

Not only will ya impress your Aussie mates, but you'll be able to have a chinwag with anyone from the land down under. These phrases have been around since Adam was a boy and are a fair dinkum part of our culture.

So, grab yourself a coldie and settle in, mate! By the end of this article, you'll be able to talk (almost) like an Aussie with confidence and pizzazz. Let's crack on, shall we?

Fair dinkum

You're after some fair dinkum Aussie slang, mate? Well, "fair dinkum" means "true" or "honest". Us Aussies love using it to show we're not mucking around. It's like saying "I ain't pulling your leg, mate!" or "I'm dinkum, fair dinkum!"

The phrase dates back to the gold rush days when Chinese miners used "dinkum oil" to mean "genuine oil". Eventually, "dinkum" just meant "genuine" or "honest", and so "fair dinkum" was born.

We Aussies chuck it into all sorts of convos. If someone's telling a yarn that's too good to be true, we might say "you're not fair dinkum, mate!" If someone's being a bit odd, we might say "that bloke's fair dinkum crazy!"

Yea, "Fair dinkum" is a fair dinkum Aussie phrase all about being honest and true blue. Next time you're havin' a chinwag with an Aussie, chuck in a "fair dinkum" or two and they'll know you're the real deal.

Nose Beers

"Nose beers" is Aussie slang for cocaine. It's not the most polite term - this is one of the reasons we love it - but you might hear it in certain quite often, mate.

If your mate tells you that they're into "nose beers", they're saying they're gonna have a good time doing more than taking a beer, but sniffing other substances.

Want to go deeper? Check out our article made specifically for you to understand what we're talking about.

Fuckin day for it 

Aussies love the outdoors, and we're always up for a good time. This expression means that the weather is perfect for whatever activity you have planned. 

For example, "Let's go to the beach. It's a fuckin' day for it!"


Ya beauty

This is an expression of excitement or joy. Aussies love to use this phrase when something good happens. 

For example, "I just won the lottery! Ya beauty!"

She'll be right

If you're trying to reassure someone and want to sound Aussie while doing that, this is the Australian expression you have to use. 

This is a phrase that means everything will be okay, perfect, easy. Aussies love to use this expression when they're trying to encourage someone. For example, "Don't worry about it, mate. She'll be right."


You see, "cobber" is a real top-notch term for a mate or a buddy. It's like saying, "Hey, mate, you're my cobber!" and it's guaranteed to put a smile on your mate's dial.

And the best thing about "cobber" is that it's not just a word, it's a way of life. When you're a cobber, you're part of a true blue Aussie tradition of mateship, loyalty, and having each other's back. 

You might go down to the local pub with your cobbers, or head out to the bush for a camping trip, or even just shoot the breeze over a few tinnies. Whatever you do, you're always there for each other.

So, if you wanna show your Aussie mates that you're fair dinkum about being a cobber, give 'em a good old-fashioned "G'day, cobber!" next time you see 'em. And who knows, you might even get a laugh out of 'em - or at least a friendly nod and a "G'day, mate!" in return.


Talk like an Aussie, look like an Aussie

Now that you are a fair dinkum aussie speaker, go around with your cobbers practicing your australian side showing off with these australian expressions.

But if you feel like you REALLY want to show off, get dressed up for it:

Visit our online store and find tees, hoodies, bucket hats, sweatshirts and crops with these lovely expressions you just learned. Ya know, get NASTEE!

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