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Why the Australian mullet is sexier than ever

Why the Australian mullet is sexier than ever

You're probably WTF is the deal with mullets and blokes in Australia. We bet some of the mullets we found, you’re gonna love. Plus learn more how Australian mullets become the legendary holy grail for male attractiveness and dominance. 

You don't have to believe us; it's in fashion magazines, sports fields, and social media: the Aussie mullet has returned to its glorious moment.

Although we know this is more than a trend, some people still wonder why the mullet haircut, this perfection of a hairdo, is so trendy.

Let's find out, ya beauty!

Where does the Australian mullet come from, and why is it a hit today?

There's almost nothing as Australian as a mullet when it comes to an understanding Aussie fashion. The style had its popularity moment in the 80s amongst Australian men. 

Dads, uncles, cousins, friends, if you looked around any city in Australia, there they'd be, in (almost) the same shape: long in the back, trimmed short on the sides and front.

Now, the Aussie mullet's a variation of the traditional Australian mullet. The difference is that the second one is longer, shaggier, and more laid-back than the first one. 

But you might wonder how this fashion got in (and on) the heads of non-Aussies. It all started in the '90s through the American hip-hop group Beastie Boys. 

In the song Mullet Head the singers go on and on rapping about leaving the back hair long (cut the sides, don't touch the back). Well, the Beastie Boys just helped make a mullet head legion.

But even being so popular, only some so keen on having one because it takes a lot of style to become a mullet head. 

Having a mullet back then also meant easy hair maintenance and neck protection. But the world has passed evolved that.

The new mullet: more than a haircut, a lifestyle

Picking a hairdresser that knows how to own up to the term mullet has become less and less difficult since mullets became so popular in recent years.

The mullet has been trendy on social media, inspiring a number of popular Australian memes and hashtags, like #mulletmonday and #aussiemullet. Kids at school, dads at home, entrepreneurs at the office, everyone has been on it.

Because of such popularity, since 2018, a competition to find the most outrageous mullets in the world has been held annually. Good business! 

The Mulletfest takes place in Australia and distributes prizes to multiple categories - Grubby, Ranga, Vintage, Junior, and more.

Besides the festival, multiple social events became important to make the haircut even more popular.

From rugby to football, sports players are wearing it, making it even bigger. But other.

Australian culture names proudly wear the Mullets for mental health campaign, too, an attempt to start a conversation that can be difficult - the mental health of men.

Our top 10 rated mullets styles

mullet with fade








what is a mullet


mullet fade


mullet haircut


If you're still not ready to wear it on your head

Although this is the perfect haircut for any style, some people aren't prepared for it (we swear to you)! 

Honestly, there are so many options, from Aussie Mullet to the Cropped Mullet Fade, Hipster Mullet, and Touslet Wavy Mullet, we can't believe you won't find the one that suits you.

No furries, mate! If you still need to get ready, we have the perfect solution. Own up to your love for the mullet hairstyle and get the perfect representation straight from Australia. Get it here!


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