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College Party Outfits: 7 Ways To Nail Them

College Party Outfits: 7 Ways To Nail Them

So you're headed to college. It’s time to wake the fuck up, meet some new people, and generally do whatever the hell you fucking want. Bloody oath. 

Now, if you’re anything like us, all you want to do is party, and party hard.

Of course, college parties mean college party outfits, and it’s crucial that what you wear matches your energy.

To ensure maximum debauchery during the wildest four years to come, we’ve compiled our top 7 tips for nailing your look.

# 1: Know which kind of party you’re in for

It’s crucial to plan your college party outfit around each specific event, as not all college parties are the same. 

Here are some of the main kinds of party you’ll run into and how to dress for them:

  • The frat party: like a house party on steroids. Swing into the greek life cause frat parties can be the wildest parties on campus, with the coolest college party outfits. Perfect for elaborate cute party outfits. Are there dress codes? Not always! But it’s always worth looking 🔥to ensure you make a difference.
  • The dorm party: this is a kind of college party that doesn't demand much from your college party clothes. It will probably be your first college party where you'll feel comfortable. There’s no need for heels, costumes or knee high boots, but it could be the perfect opportunity to rock your favorite tee.
  • The tailgate party: day drinking in a parking lot, these college parties are a whole different beast. While you should consider tailgates a marathon, not a sprint, this becomes increasingly difficult once the beer bong comes out. What college party outfit should you use here? Rock your team’s jersey and a fun bucket hat, and prepare for an absolute belter


#2: A theme party is a lit party, get amongst it!

Everything you’ve heard is true, college parties are off the fuckin’ chain.

Wherever you end up, expect to find hundreds of degenerates like yourself dancing, drinking, and getting up to no good.

To stand out from the crowd, go all out when it comes to themes.

If it’s a jungle party – rock the khakis and binoculars as an explorer. If it’s a jersey party – vintage always hits. If you’re not that keen to take risks, no dramas, rope in a friend to dress up with you for double the impact!

#3: Use ya head!

Not all costumes have to be brand new. At college you’ll be so blind half the time that almost anything can be considered an outfit.

For this reason, don't feel like you need to spend all your beer money on college party outfits. Get creative with what you have or borrow from someone else.

If that isn’t an option, get a group together and each wear the same accessory related to the theme. Strength in numbers ya fkn pelicans.

#4: Get comfy college party outfits

When it comes to having a belter, you’re not here to put socks on caterpillars.

Make sure your party outfit is something you can wear all night long, even if you’re behaving like an absolute mongrel.

Invest in these three pieces to ensure your style lasts the night, even if you don’t.

  • Sneakers or even sandals if it's not a fancy party.
  • A clever hoodie that’s fun and says what you’re about.

A bucket hat, it will be your best friend. Hot? Keep that pesky sun away. Cold? Keep ya noggin’ warm. Plus you’re guaranteed a chuckle in one of these bad boys.

#5: Prowling for pash?

Looks certainly aren’t everything – but it always helps to make a good first impression!

Check out these essential items to ensure you look fresh as hell at your next college party:

  • For our Nastee ladies: a crop top always works a charm, without too much effort. Be upfront with a slogan tee, so at least your crush knows what they’re in for.
  • For the gentlemen: show you’re a man of culture with the mullet t-shirt. Better yet, get an actual mullet for guaranteed results.

#6: Throw a pajama party!

A pajama party is a sure-fire way to make your party an all-nighter.

Make it a more intimate ‘getting know you’ gathering or a whole college slumber party, whatever you choose, make sure it’s a fuckin’ belter.

Ladies, try silky fabrics and oversized tees, guys wear an oversized hoodie or channel Hugh Hefner with a robe. They all make cute party outfits.

#7: Make a statement with you college party outfit

You will notice over time that most people end up repeating their same college party outfits, and that to stand out, it's not all about sparkles and a wild costume. You've got your own style.

Wearing something funny or daring is an easy conversation starter and will attract fellow loose units like yourself.

Nastee’s tees and accessories are designed for exactly this. Whether you want to go wild all night, sit back and relax, or you’re just happy to be there, take a look at our range of clothes designed exactly for you .

Have you got your own tried and tested college party outfit ideas? 

Share them with us!

And in the meantime, get absolutely, perilously NASTEE.

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