Why Nastee Is An Essential Addition To Your Festival Kit

Why Nastee Is An Essential Addition To Your Festival Kit

Barely being able to stand when your bestie says "should we go to the bathroom for a top up” for the 100th time that day?

If you're anything like us, then your festival kit is constantly evolving, just to find the perfect mix of fun and practical items. So if you're going to your next festival, the perfect item to have in your festival packing list is a Nastee tshirt, crop or hoodie. You also can’t forget the class “should we get a bag” bucket hat.

But you're thinking: "why should it be part of my festival kit?" Well, let us tell you! WHY Karen!

We are an outrageous Australian apparel brand made especially for degenerates such as yourself. But there's more to Nastee AND your festival kit that you should need to know about. Stay around to learn a little.

What should a festival kit have?

What's the best way to survive a music festival? You could come prepared with snacks, water, BAGGGS and sunscreen, but don't forget your festival kit should hook you up in style, from cute apparel to horrible temporary tattoo.

Inside this essential bag, you'll have everything you need to make the most of your time at the festival. What are you waiting for? Start packing!

Up to today, our festival essentials revolve around these must haves:

  • Sunscreen: you want to protect your skin throughout the weekend. So, make sure to add this item to your festival kit.
  • Bucket hat: one of the festival essentials that you should never forget. It will protect your head and hair more than a bandana. Also, they should be in your bag as one of your essentials because they will upgrade your look as well. 
  • Tent: some festival sites give easy access to using tents, specially those that go throughout the weekend and get really crazy.
  • Water, fruits, and snacks: the heat can destroy your fun. Don't let that happen. Stay hydrated, add water and watery fruits to your festival packing list
  • First-aid items: Many festivals are very responsible when it comes to being careful with festival-goers health, but you never know what might be your festival necessities. Add some band-aids, dry shampoo (you have no idea how a dry shampoo can help in longer festivals), that special bag could also come in handy in your festival kit. 
  • Makeup to retouch: If your face temporary tattoos are not enough, a good pack of makeup should put some color on your face and easily fit in your festival kit. Plus, you don't want to fave your eyes running from being all day sweaty.
  • Clothes to change during the festival: All that beautiful festival outfit can be trashed by the end of the day. Add some light clothes to your festival packing list.
  • BAGS or whatever party snacks you need.

You ready to choose your festival outfit?

Now you've completed “most” of your festival checklist, give special attention to what you'll wear. What is the one thing you need to complete your festival look

A great outfit of course! 

But what should you wear to a music festival? Well, it depends on the festival, and most of all: it depends on YOUR style.

First, take a look at what people wear to the festivals you're heading to. We listed 5 festivals to attend in the USA and other great ones to go to while you're in Australia. No matter if you like metal, indie rock or EDM better – we’ve got you covered! 

Thinking of the apparel you're gonna bring can be crucial to your whole experience: is it comfortable enough? Is it practical? Can you change easily if you need it? And does it make you look as good as you do? 

Take a look at our list of 20 best types of festival outfits. We're sure you'll find the perfect one.

Nastee makes a difference in your look, and it will make a huge difference in your festival kit 

Nastee apparel is your best mate for any festival. And the reasons are many:

    • Comfortable: Those crazy outfits will get you in some trouble, mate. Keep it smart and simple, pack light.

    • Resilience: Nastee apparel is made out of strong material, and the prints are incredibly resistant. Put your shirts, hoodies, and hats under the sun or rain again. They will still resist!

    • You can talk about it: If there's one thing you can start with your Nastee apparel is good conversation. Every piece of our clothing has a statement and/or design that is an invitation to socialize, so save extra space in your bag.

    • Easy to find: You can find Nastee online and receive your shirts, hats, hoodies anywhere in the world.

So start packing that kit, mate. Your favorite festival awaits!

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