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The Most Awkward Festival Tattoos You'll Ever See

The Most Awkward Festival Tattoos You'll Ever See

If you’re looking for a good party, you can’t go wrong with a classic music festival.

Something about the combination of great mates, banging music and incredible scenery produces the most exhilarating feeling like no other. If you’ve ever experienced this, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

While those moments can’t last forever, there is one way to capture that energy which does, and that’s a classic festival tattoo.

So what makes festival tattoos so special?

Festival tattoos are the perfect souvenir of a moment you'll never forget and not just because it’s inked on your skin forever.

Ok, technically they might not last forever since you can erase any tattoos you regret (ask your parents what the '80s were like), but certainly your festival memento will leave a mark on your skin and memories. 

The best thing about your festival tattoo is that however it turns out, you’re guaranteed to come home with a bloody good story, yet another in the list of yarns you'll blame on the bags you were having or on the fact you were choosing beers, not tears

At any rate, a festival tattoo shits on your mate’s boring instagram of lasers and wobbly jaws.

Ready to choose your memories? Let's get to it.

Festival tattoos you’ll never forget.

For those brave enough to get hyper specific ink.

The festival tattoo with the date of the event.

You know the day is coming and you can’t bloody wait. Soon you’ll be watching your favourite artists with all the beers, goodies and good mates you could ask for. What better way to lock in the memory than inking yourself with the date of event?


Of course, there is the risk that the festival could be cancelled, rendering your tattoo meaningless. That's what happened to a girl waiting for a Justin Bieber concert that never happened. Sure it was a total shitshow, but she got a bloody funny story out of it, and you could too!

The festival tattoo you chose at the last minute.


Sometimes the last minute choices are the best choices, a true window into what the bloody hell was going through your head at a particular moment in time. Just be warned: less time to think means less time to get it right, so make sure you double check all spellings to ensure you have no ragrets.

The festival tattoo of your favourite artist.

If you’ve ever been desperate for backstage passes, getting a tattoo of your favourite artist might just get you over the line - although it could also terrify said performer, so ensure your ink isn’t completely unhinged.

The funny festival tattoo

If you want to go down in party history, a funny festival tattoo is a sure fire win. Nothing like a cheeky sketch on your bum to guarantee laughs for years to come. Just try not to break ya mum’s heart with anything too controversial. 

Festival tattoos to upgrade your look

Last of all, if you’re a bit of a commitment-phobe, you can always try temporary or fake tattoos. 

You can take way more risks and seriously elevate your style at the festival.

The most common temporary tattoos

Sparkle face tattoos

The most common types of tattoos in festivals are right on your face. Try sparkly freckles or diamante stickers to stand out in the crowd. 

Glowy tattoos

Avoid getting lost when night falls! Glowy festival tattoos will keep you lit all night long and are a great way to help your friends find you if you get lost and your phone dies!

Fake regular tattoos

Not convinced you want a real tat, but keen to wear one at your next festival? Wear a cheeky fake tattoo on your arm or your face(!).

The best festival tattoos need the right apparel 

The best festival tattoo is the one you wear and makes you feel good, no matter what we say. Of course, putting a singer's face on your skin might sound a little off 20 years from now.

Once you’ve chosen your design, all you need are the right clothes to make a statement with your tat, and that’s where Nastee comes in!

Get the party started with our cult favourite slogan, spread the good vibes with our day for it tee or stave off the pill chills with our goosebumps hoodie.

A simple, comfortable Nastee shirt can be your own tattoo outside your body! Are you ready to get Nastee at your next festival? Just join us!

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