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12 side hustles for college students

12 side hustles for college students

Ok, so it turns out college isn’t just about boozing all night and bludging all day like other college students said.

In fact, the cost of all those beers, nose beers, and who knows what else is starting to add up, and your college student bank account is feeling the heat.

No wuckin forries mate. We’ve listed 12 simple side hustles for college students on the hunt for some extra cash, saving a few dollars, and making better use of that spare time.

Read on for more on financing all your college needs, from kickbacks to kick ons.

Side hustles you can do from your dorm with your own schedule


1. Freelance writing

If you’re chronically online, then this is the side hustle for you.

Put your knowledge of the latest memes, gifs, Instagram filters, and Twitter threads to use by doing freelance writing and blogging. 

You could start by sharing your knowledge of college life with local high schools, for instance. Just be sure to keep it PG13, orright?

This is also a great way to build a portfolio for life after college, so who knows, it goes beyond a side hustle and you may even find yourself a career.

2. Affiliate marketing

This side hustle is for those who already write and want to take it further. One of those hustle ideas is to make quick money.

Try writing about your favorite products and slapping up links to shop for them. It can turn out to be a very lucrative side hustle. The more people click on them, the more cash you make. Bloody oath!

3. Virtual assistance

It’s 2022. Companies are online. If they're not, where the bloody hell are they?

The good news is that online companies need real people to guide their clients. People that are looking for side hustles to fill their spare time. That could be you, ya bloody legend!

Being a virtual assistant isn’t that much more demanding than what you already do, as it largely involves responding to peoples’ queries through online messaging.

Ok, maybe some companies are more demanding, and you might not be making your own hours as a virtual assistant, but this is a much easier way to earn money than other virtual odd jobs where you only collect fans.

4. Facebook group management 

While we're talking about remote work, it’s worth noting you can also make decent money managing brands’ Facebook groups to see what’s being said about them online. 

Typically, it’s straightforward data entry, so if you’re organized and social media savvy, this is the side hustle for you to make more money for your living expenses and more.

Side hustles for house stuff savvies 


5. Small repairs

Ok, so you’re better with your hands than with your keyboard, no dramas. You can still make that extra money with your own schedule.

Of all the random jobs that bring in the dough as a college side hustle, doing repairs and housework is one of the easiest to get started.

You have no idea how many people would pay college students to do something simple, just for the sake of not giving a fuck about small house things. A broken window, a door that slammed the wrong way, hell, even cleaning people’s barbecues! 

Even if you’re not super experienced, start small, and when in doubt - YouTube it out.

6. Painting & gardening

Ahh, the great outdoors. If you’ve been cooped up in your room either hungover or studying, use this side hustle to get a little vitamin D and top up your bank account while you’re at it.

Painting fences, oiling decks, and pulling weeds are all time-intensive jobs that homeowners will happily pay enough money for you to do - some would pay food money.

And, cause you’re a bloody good bloke, you could also use your side hustle to help the community.

Offer freebies for the elderly, or even community centers, to get your name out there and rustle up some brownie points, then watch as the jobs roll in without interfering on your busy college schedule.

The bonus of this job is it’s flexible. Sometimes, it will take just an hour to accomplish, and you only take on those you want. 

Tip: hop on local community Facebook groups to spread the word. 

If you're into sports and being active

7. Being a security guard

Don’t be fooled, and you don’t have to be the most jacked guy in the joint to make extra cash as a seccy. 

Local businesses often look for people to keep an eye on their warehouses and shops. These are typically late-night jobs with not much going on, so you may even be able to study while you side hustle.

If you are the type that likes flexing a little muscle, try manning the door at a local nightclub or bar.

This side hustle will also save you a whole lot of extra money: since you're going to be working during Friday and Saturday nights when you’d usually be spending, it’s a win-win!

Plus, it’s a great way to meet nightclub and bar owners, which is an excellent network to have on the nights you do decide to hit the town. Definitely, one of the most exciting side hustles for college students who like social life.

8. Delivering food and grocery shopping

Especially since the pandemic, the number of college students turning to delivery apps as a side hustle has skyrocketed. It’s a tried and tested way of boosting a few dollars.

If you're ready to deliver food or do some grocery shopping, you don't necessarily need your own car or your own pickup truck. Having your bike and a lot of energy is enough to get started on this side hustle.

9. Dog walking and Pet sitting

Walking and having fun with puppies is perfect for college students that are after a job that entertains while making that extra cash.

You can make your own schedule, and as little as an hour a day could see you raking in the dollar bills - depending on how many dogs you can control at once…

If you're good with gadgets

10. Fixing iPhone screens

Of all the side hustles for college students out there, if you fix iphone screens you may find one of the most lucrative and most sought-after.  

According to, there are more than 113 million iPhones in the USA. Given how popular those phones are, there’ll be plenty of people out there in need of your services. 

Expect a flurry of business the morning after any big night out, as drunken antics often mean dropped phones and broken screens.

To get started, take an online course, get an online tutor,  and see how you go! Just remember, these smartphones can be seriously pricey, more than a few hundred dollars, so don’t start offering your services until you’re deadset ya skills are up to it.

Side hustles for college students with that entrepreneurial streak

11. Interning

Ok, this may be more of a full-time job than a side hustle, but it might also give you access to even more parties to add to your diary. Plus, of course, interning looks mint on your resume.

While many companies expect you to intern with them for free, don’t sell yourself short!

Hunt for those who will pay you good money to learn and gain experience. 

12. Flipping thrift store finds

Buying preloved clothes, then washing and reselling them is a great way to learn sales and strategy, not only just a way for ou to generate income.

Just be sure to research brands before or while you shop to avoid missing any hidden gems. 

Once you’ve got a haul, shop on marketplaces like Depop, Amazon or eBay, then start selling. Promote your business on social media then wait for the demands.

And don’t worry, it can’t be that hard to sling a few tees and jumpers. If we can do it, a witty college student such as yourself can do it too. 


We even have an Ambassadors Program so you can start investing on this side hustle. You can get

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So join us for that most wanted extra cash, mate.

If you need any inspo to kick things off thoughts, check out our website and get fkn NASTEE.

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