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How to get Nastee on Valentine's Day

How to get  Nastee on Valentine's Day

Love is in the air, mate! It's that time of the year when your nose is going to be sniffing on something other than a bag of red roses. Celebrating Valentine's Day isn’t just about showing off that degenerate beauty, it's about showing you have a heart. 

Maybe in other countries, people celebrate this holiday by sending cards, flowers, and chocolate. But in Nastee Land, our lovers only celebrate if they’re in for a good time. 😎

If, until now, you've celebrated like a romantic holiday with the typical ‘cupid bringing red roses’ and a romantic love letter, the obvious Valentine's day gifts, the time has come to spice up those gifts and make your date night a night to remember!

Valentine's Day tip #1 - Go to a place you've never visited before 

You've been all around your sweetheart, and your loved one can't stand another day of the same scenario with you. Get on it, man! 

Pick a different place for you to go this Valentine's Day. And it could be any place, really. Just make sure to bring some of that romantic love with you.

If you're in the same mood, chances are that a party or a festival will make the perfect spot for you to celebrate. Spontaneity is a very important ingredient of this day, so don't skip the affection, but make this romantic holiday a little crazy by choosing an unexpected way of celebrating.

Other than parties and festivals, some ideas are: the beach, waterfalls, or calling it a night with a bag on a rooftop. Check what February is bringing new and invest in an unparalleled experience. Who knows what else might come from your smarty ideas!

Valentine's Day tip #2 - Change regular dinner to a spicy one this February

Valentines feel extra sensitive on this holiday. And, while women enjoy the dinner and card-sending tradition, the occasion demands that you use your bloody head and get creative! 

Restaurants around the city will be crowded, and the food will be the same old thing. Get things spicy, you beauty! 

Why not research a good, different recipe and find one that will prepare your sweethearts' taste buds for what comes after dinner, huh? Good ideas are all over the internet; you just need to pick an easy one with fancy ingredients.

Your loved one will forget any (bad) previous Valentine's Day celebrations. But if you think romance still relies on a good restaurant dinner and flowers with chocolate, well, at least pick one that is not as hyped: nobody wants to be in a waiting line waiting for dinner all dressed up and ready. 


Valentine's Day tip #3 - Get personal with your gift this holiday

No, you're a beast, and Valentine's Day is probably one of your busiest holidays. But, although sweethearts are popping up on your list this February, you should use the holiday to impress the ones that really matter.

If they're tired of the whole chocolate celebration. Flowers? We trust you’ll do more than that! Choose gifts to celebrate this February in style and make this the Valentine's Day of your boo's life.

Here's a how-to:

  • Consider your valentine’s personality
  • Make a list of what they have
  • Make a list of what they don't have and want badly
  • Think of something freaky, wacky, and fun based on both lists
  • Make it a little bit romantic too

Inspire the love and get inspired too as you celebrate Valentine's Day. This is the most romantic occasion of the year, so be genuine.

Valentine's Day tip #4 - Gift something they'll never forget!

A lighter, a bag, an impossible match...  give your person in life a gift they'll never forget. Although it might look like they have it all, you can always celebrate your affection with something unexpected.

The perfect match for your valentine this February is making sure that the dinner date is set and that the gift is fun, that it fits them well, and that it's something that they'll always remember you for.

Pick the perfect tee, hoodie, or bucket hat for your Aussie culture lover. Inspire them to live life a little bit wilder and introduce a different type of romance.

We're not trying to get you married; we're just trying to get you on the move

Celebrate Valentine's Day by getting Nastee with us!

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