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10 types of college parties you can’t miss

10 types of college parties you can’t miss

From the type of college you attend to how you dress to impress, Nastee knows this: the most important thing to master in college is rounding up a decent group of mates.

Making new friends is your new fkn motto, isn't it, ya bloody legend?

Of course, being new at school, potentially a new state, puts you in a tricky position: it's hard to know where to find like-minded degenerates such as yourself.

No worries, we've got you.

We listed the 10 types of college parties every student needs to know before even getting to college so you can nail your night every time. 

Get prepared for lessons you will never forget.

How often do college parties happen, and how do you know about them?

For a college party to kick off, there’s a range of factors at play, such as:

  • The size of the Greek system
  • The traditions that rule you school’s calendar
  • Students clubs
  • How much of a party school your college is

Expect there to be an organized event at least every 2 weeks on campus, not to mention countless informal parties on the side.

Some of them are college organization-sponsored parties, but the vast majority is held by those who really know how to put on a show: officers of a club, frat boys and sorority girls, and renter of dorms.

We know you want to attend parties all year long, so every small possibility counts here. 

#1 The Frat Party

We'll start with the most obvious and the most exciting, the frat party. Think keg stands, beer pong and jello shots - the whole shebang.

Thanks to classics such as American Pie and the House Bunny, you know everyone at these events will be absolutely sending it… although of course it varies a little by school.

There are different types of fraternities - academic and non-academic - but either way, this is the functioning alcoholic's kingdom.

Prepare to walk around a dark house, skull a beer bong, and find people getting on the nose beers in certain nooks and crannies..

The only potential hiccup to joining in on the frat action is that they can be restricted to members and their guests. 

Try being a good bloke around campus to score an invite, or if you’re a cheeky cunt, simply sneak in.

Greek life rush parties

Let's take a second to explain a rush party, a kind of ritualistic event. Attending rush parties is what prospective frat-bros and sorority sisters do to get to know each other. They're usually wiiiiild, expensive, and seriously high caliber.

These parties are all about sussing who will become future members of each house, so at least try to be on your best behavior… Or don’t, we won’t stop you 😈.

#2 Themed Parties

Get your costumes out and let your imagination take hold, mate. Themed parties are a chance to really rip the lid off and wear something to get people talking.

#3 Dorm Parties

These are the kinds of parties that can start small and end up in an absolute blowout.

The recipe for a dorm party is easy. Grab a bunch of mates, some alcohol and a speaker to get the night started. 

If alcohol’s not your thing, swap the beers for a few edibles and have fun losing the plot without even leaving the room. Oh the places you’ll go! 

Your RA may allow these parties, but they're also lit when kept a secret.

#4 Ouija Board Parties

Almost every teen horror movie begins with this. This should sound scary, but we bet that’s just a starter for real party animals.

Ouija Board parties are best held around Halloween, but for those who are tired of waiting on Bloody Mary to show up in the mirror, feel free to summon ghosts whenever!

#5 Date Parties

Date parties are simple but effective: you have a date and bring them with you.

Just be sure to warn your date that you’re a little Nastee by choosing your outfit carefully.

#6 Field Parties

Keen for a bonfire? Prepare to light it up, baby 🔥

Field parties mean hosting a party in a secluded field to avoid police and parents, who might be on the lookout for underage drinking.

#7 The Darty

This party is for those who - like us - think there simply isn’t enough time to party in the evening. 

Day parties, or “darties” are your chance to make the most of daylight hours with a few bevvies and maybe even a grill.

Usually held at the end of summer, the best darties involve a pool, water games and frozen drinks. Bikinis out, buns out, call your best-friends and enjoy a go-back-to-school party.

#8 Basement Parties

A party in the basement? Hell yeah! 

Turn up the heat by getting a live band to perform and ensure everyone is suitably hammered with a few old school games like beer pong, stack cup and flip cup.

#9 House Parties

When it comes to partying, there really is no place like home. 

House parties are the best parties. Get everyone to bring their own drinks, find a mate who can DJ and let loose. Just make sure everything fragile is safely tucked away.

If things are starting to wind down before your liking, fear not. There’s one question that’s guaranteed to perk the crew up. Games starting, should we get a bag?

#10 Bar Tab Parties

Bar meets frat party animals. Just get ready to get random drinks and not spending money. Sprints of drinking - not marathons - because the booze might run out.

Free is the word you and your buds just love to hear. So be around the bar for the next sprint.

So you’re ready to nail all parties. How do you look good for them?

Now that you’re keen to rip and tear your way through every party on campus, seal the deal with a fresh party fit.

We’ve made a list of the types of college party clothes you should have in your wardrobe, perfect throughout the night, from pres to kick ons.

Find our list of college party outfits here or there’s even more on our website. 

Whatever you do, have a bloody good time and get fuckin’ NASTEE.

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