5 halloween costumes that will get you Nastee

5 halloween costumes that will get you Nastee

As the spookiest night of the year creeps up like a spider on ya barbie, it's time to start thinking about your Halloween get-up. But chuck out those tired old costumes like Dracula and witches – it's time to get a bit nastier, a bit edgier.

We're talkin' costumes that'll make your mates crack up like a kookaburra, your parents cringe like they've stepped on a bluebottle, and strangers give you a wide berth like you're a dunny on a hot day.

So, if you're ready to unleash your inner deviant, check out these bonza costume ideas that'll make you the talk of the Halloween party (or the neighborhood watch meeting).

#1 "Bloody Mary" - The Queen of Cocktails and Chaos

bloody mary

Summon the spirit of the legendary Bloody Mary with this cheeky tee, mate. It's the perfect get-up for those who like their drinks with a bit of sting and their Halloween costumes with a touch of nastiness. 

Chuck on some ripped jeans, tousle your hair like you've been caught in a cyclone, and flash a devilish grin that'll make even a dingo nervous. You'll be ready to haunt the night and give everyone a proper fright.

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#2 "Functioning Alcoholic" - The Life of the Party (and the After-Party)

halloween costume

Unleash your inner larrikin with this tongue-in-cheek tee that perfectly captures the essence of a functioning boozer. It's the ideal costume for those who can hold their grog and their laughter. 

Slap on a pair of sunnies, adopt a slightly scruffy look, and grab a coldie in hand, and you're ready to party till daylight savings (or until you hit the deck).

Getting Functioning Alcoholic Tee


#3 "Should We Get a Bag?" - The Subtle Yet Sinister Statement

should we get a bag

This tee is the ultimate expression of dark humor, mate, with a simple yet sinister message that'll leave people wondering if they should laugh or call the rozzers. 

It's the perfect costume for those who like to keep things a bit mysterious and slightly dodgy. Put on a blank expression like a stunned mullet, slip on a pair of gloves, and grab a shovel (if you're feeling extra cheeky), and you'll have everyone looking over their shoulder.

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#4 "Psychopath" -  The Chilling Charmer

Let your inner psychopath shine with this bold crop top that'll send shivers down spines. It's the ideal costume for those who like to push boundaries and leave a lasting impression. 

Add a mischievous smile, a slightly unnerving stare, and a fake blood splatter or two, and you'll be the most charmingly chilling character at the party.

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#5 "Daddy" - The Provocative Power Player

halloween costume ideas

Turn heads and cause a stir with this provocative crop top that oozes confidence and a touch of cheekiness. It's the perfect get-up for those who aren't afraid to make a statement and show off their true colors. 

Chuck on a pair of high-waisted pants, put on your best sassy attitude, and flash a knowing smirk that'll make everyone wonder what you're up to. You'll be the center of attention, mate, and maybe a few raised eyebrows too.

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Get your freak on, mate!

So, there you have it – five bonza costume ideas that'll make your Halloween unforgettable. Ditch the boring, embrace the nasty, and let your inner deviant out to play in any party you attend

And don't forget to check out Nastee's collection of tees and crop tops to complete your devilishly delightful look. Happy haunting, mates!

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