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8 Crazy Hazing Stories

8 Crazy Hazing Stories

Down here at Nastee, we're all about takin' the party scene to the next level - we're talkin' epic festivals, college ragers, and livin' that party life like there's no tomorrow! 

But hey, we're not just about mindless mayhem…well, sometimes!; we reckon partying should come with a dash of smarts, especially when you're kickin' it off at college.

Now, hold onto your hats, 'cause when it comes to hazing, we've seen some things!

Good, bad and super ugly. 

Some folks swear by it as the ultimate way to meet new 4am kitchen chat mates and make “connections” that'll pay dividends later in life, LOL…..

Haze until you make it

Let's have a rip-roaring chat about fraternity and sorority hazing.

Hazing is like a badge, a rite of passage. After that, you and your mates will share stories, secrets, and belly laughs you'll take to the grave. It can test your mettle and prove you're fair dinkum about joining the gang.

Frats and sororities often have traditions as old as you can count. Some say hazing is a way to pass on these legends to new members, like a secret handshake for the ages. Now what when these little rascals take it to the next level?

Strap in, legends, 'cause we've got six jaw-dropping tales that'll make your hair stand on end.

12 Crazy Hazing Stories (even for outrageous legends like you) 

#1 It got hot inside

Flour, wasabi, cayenne pepper and, well, boiling water were the main ingredients to make this not so good drink recipe. Students got buuurned, burned. Don't do this at home mates!

#2 Parkur to get in

We're ok with being a functioning alcoholic but nothing so good can come from getting all the booze you want and and jumping off a roof?! Let's say the worst didn't happen, but things didn't get much better for this lad.

#3 Mixing food 

Hot sauce, soy sauce, and pickle juice sound good in a salad but not when you chug it all in at once. Well that's what happened to this mate in San Diego. 

#4 These kids went too deep in Texas 

Pledges were locked in a basement without food or water (and no beers or lines!). Imagine hours and hours of blaring music and strobe lights into a complete isolated scenario all for a space in the frat? Well, we hope it paid off.

#5 Lost in the middle of nowhere

Ok, now this one could get scary as hell! Put inside a van, blindfolded, round and round for more than 40 minutes straight. Get out the van and…where the hell am I? This hazing incident made fresh meat turn into completely lost mates. We wonder what you would've done?

#6 How much can you chug?

What about this one: blindfolded, tied to a chair with a large salad bowl placed in front of you. The filling: mayonaise, liquor, beer, spit, urine, pretty much the worst things you can imagine were placed in this. The challenge: being told that "if you trust your brothers you will drink this". You know we're about chugging all we can, but … we don't know about that one…

#7 Hoods are back in fashion

In this crazy hazing story, the pledges got all hooded with black, double bagged hoods. They got  dropped off at the base of a mountain, then they had a 3 mile hike up, and 3 mile hike back down! The worst part: walking up and down an icy trail, slipping and falling, with absolutely no vision due to the hoods (and it was 2am) while singing the same song over and over.

#8 Things got shitty here

Some people have to take shit in life, so why not start it while you're wild, young and free? This pledge had to eat shit and he hit my head at least a dozen times. On top of that, the actives would shove pledges onto the ground.


Fair hazing  

As we said, we love those most needed nose beers, college parties, outrageous kickons and hazing could be on that list also. 

But here's the kicker, mates! It's not all doom and gloom. We're here to flip the script and give you some ideas on how to transform those initiation rituals into legendary welcoming parties that'll leave everyone in stitches

  • Introduce newcomers to the craziest campus parties
  • Make sure they are embarrassed all week with dressing like they shouldnt (that would be a fun one)
  • Make them hustle for you throughout hazing week


It's always all about finding the right balance, right ya legend? Let's haze the fair dinkum way. So, grab a cold one, folks, and let's keep the good times rolling. Cheers to partying endlessly!


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