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What to pack for Coachella: 8 essential items

What to pack for Coachella: 8 essential items

Ready to get pumped for the Coachella extravaganza, mate? It's not just a festival; it's an absolute blast! With some Coachella adventures in the back pocket, consider us your go-to guru for conquering the festival chaos. We love it!

Wondering what to stash in your festival backpack? What to pack for Coachella? C'mon, it's not any festival: it's a bloody festival in the middle of the DESERT. So pitch your desert palace on a field of grass! And be ready to enjoy!

From cool bandanas to power-packed charging gear, and that super cool bucket hat, we can show you the essentials lined up. 

This is your VIP pass to owning the Coachella vibe (and look) like a seasoned pro. Ready to ride the festival wave? Get ready to elevate your Coachella experience with these 8 must-have items like a true bloody legend! 

As seasoned Coachella-goers, we're here to guide you through the chaos and ensure you rock the festival vibes like a pro, starting with 8 essential items plus a bonus.

Coachella essential #1: Bucket Hat

Kick off your Coachella adventure by throwing on a classic bucket hat – the perfect shield against the sun while you dance to the beats. 

Not only will you look like a true blue Aussie, but those dangling corks will also keep pesky flies at bay.

Keep the sun out of your eyes and off your noggin with a pair of sunnies and a good ol' hat. Protect yourself from that blazin' sun like a true legend you are and stay cool while groovin' to the tunes.

Discover some real cool alternatives here

Coachella essential #2: Very comfortable shoes

Forget about that Aussie style with trusty thongs. What?! Thongs, we're getting wild now? Hold, mate, we're not on getting those nose beers yet. 

Thongs (that's how us aussies call flip flops) are comfy and breezy footwear for wandering but not so safe. And not so stylish.


Choose kicks that can handle the dust and the miles of walking between stages. Your feet will thank you for it, mate!

Coachella essential #3: Sunscreen 

Safeguard yourself from the blazing sun with high SPF sunscreen. Aussie-approved sun safety is a must – slap it on and stay sunburn-free while grooving to the tunes form kickons until you get the last of your bud lit!



Don't be a drongo – slap on that sunscreen, mate! The sun ain't no joke, especially in the desert. Grab yourself a tube of the good stuff with a high SPF rating to keep those UV rays at bay and avoid ending up as red as a tomato.

Coachella essential #4: Hydration & snacks

Hey, no bringing food or drink to Coachella officially, but pack some healthy snacks for home. It's a tough gig, so prep like you're running a marathon. Go psycho on your preparation. Your body needs topping up to survive. 


Keep yourself as hydrated as a kangaroo in the outback, mate! Coachella's a scorcher, so make sure you've got a trusty hydration pack or a reusable water bottle by your side. You'll be chugging water like a creep to beat that desert heat.


Coachella essential #5: Portable Phone Charger

Don't let your phone go walkabout on you, mate! Bring along a portable charger so you can keep your device as charged up as a ute on a road trip. Share your location, make it work as your lighter for the romantic songs (that's so cringe), that all costs so much energy!

You'll need it for snapping pics, texting mates, and checking out the lineup – can't afford to miss a beat!

Coachella essential #6: Layer Up for Day and Night

When the sun goes down, the desert can get as chilly as a frosty morning in the bush. Pack some light layers like a trusty denim jacket, a cosy sweater or a stylish hoodie to keep the cold at bay when the night sets in.


Stay warm and comfy while you're partying under the stars, mate!

Coachella Essential #7 - Cash and Card

Don't forget to bring your cashola and plastic, mate! While some stalls might take cards, it's always handy to have some cash on ya for snaggin' a bite to eat, grabbin' a cold one, or snaggin' some souvenirs to get you crazy. 



And don't forget your ID – gotta prove you're fair dinkum if you wanna grab a brew!

Coachella Essential #8 - Dust Storm Defense: Bandana or Buff 

When those dust storms roll in, you'll wanna be prepared like a seasoned bushman, mate! Wrap a bandana or a trusty buff around your face to keep the dust outta your lungs and the grit outta your teeth.


Plus, it adds a bit of Aussie flair to your festival get-up!

Bonus Coachella essential: a bag (!)

Now that should be a hard one to kick in Coachella, mate. Having a bag to enjoy with your friends would be just wild! 

Degenerates like you might not be able to accomplish that mission since you can barely get in with food and water. You don't want to have the party stopped before time.

 So if you really want to take a bag to Coachella, here are some alternatives:

Start off the day with Nastee's Get a Bag t-shirt

Layer up with the Hoodie 

Hide from the sun with a Nastee style

Discover our Should I Get a Bag items

There you have it, cobbers! Armed with these essentials, you'll be ready to tackle Coachella the Aussie way. Chuck on your cork hat, slip into those thongs, and let the good times roll!

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