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6 outrageous Christmas gifts ideas

6 outrageous Christmas gifts ideas

Ah, it's Christmas! The time to gift your loved ones has come. And you really want to make this holiday really memorable. Tired of being around with a Christmas gift guide, running after the bestselling gifts, guessing who wants what, you're looking for something different, for some…outrageous Christmas gifts ideas, maybe?

Well, these people have been in your life the whole year (or for some years), and they deserve to be remembered with your best Christmas gifts, get a thoughtful gift.

But let's be honest: you're the kind of degenerate with exceptional choices when it comes to good ideas, huh? The perfect gift for you has nothing to do with an apple watch (although nobody would complain about a brand-new apple watch). 

So, to make this a holiday one they'll never forget, with stocking suffers filled with degenerate-like gifts, we put together some outrageous Christmas ideas (with a touch of Australianism) you can count on. We just want to ensure their Christmas will be as lit as the last parties you've been going to.


First of all, what is an outrageous Christmas gifts idea?

If you're gifting your family this holiday season, get a little fun and give each one that extra spice, but don't push too hard, mate. 

They're the ones who'll be all year long remembering this Christmas. Try some quality gifts in a little more traditional way.

Now, if the gift is meant for your gang, go all the way! You know what they like. So, to those who want to be remarkable this holiday season, with the best holiday gifts, we made a very outrageous (and Australian) list so you're good to go.


#1 Give a badge to the best friend that deserves one 

Christmas is the time to make it snow, right? Do your mates want to get their real degenerate side out and have fun the right way?  

This is a unique gift and one of the best Christmas gifts they can get - it's a solid choice, mate. A card that says all about them, makes everyday use easier, and festivals get even crazier.

Cocaine card


#2 - A Christmas Gift for the whole year

Everyone needs a calendar, mate. This could be the type of Christmas gift that would make everyone in the gang feel a little Australian and share some laughter. A retro inspired lookbook that turns out to be a functional gift. A great gift for Aussies and Aussie culture enthusiasts.

2023 calendar


#3 - The bag earrings that will make girls and guys stand out

Hey, your mates are just about to attend all the lit parties on campus, you want them to be the in the spotlight, right? Well, here's a little help from their partner in crime. A pair of earings that shine brighter than diamonds.

Bag Earings


#4- A Christmas gift in a frame for whenever they want

You never know when you'll need that little extra help from the gang. Well, if the gang is up for giving out a Christmas gift that can help you get your nose beers done, you can always break through.

Break it until you make it


#5 - A Christmas gift to invite friends to a tea party

So you want the party to start earlier. A small get-together in the holiday season could be a good starter, huh? Give your friends the gift of making it snow this holiday. We bet our stocking stuffers they'll love this.

Storage Pot


#6 - Christmas Gifts they probably won't use around their parents

The ultimate gift idea! If you want to go down the road of outrageousness, make your loved ones wear outrageous statements every day.

Nastee apparel will take your Christmas gifts to a whole new level, the best gifts to be remembered forever.

Here are some options for those in your life that are no kids anymore and are ready to get Nastee all year long. 


Should we get a bag Bucket Hat                        Psycopath crop top 



              Nose beers hoodie                         Should we get a bag T-shirt

Get Nastee and shop away, ya bloody legend!

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