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What does fair dinkum mean? Why do Aussies say it?

What does fair dinkum mean? Why do Aussies say it?

Straight to the point: an Aussie slang, like a secret code that unlocks the heart and soul of Australia. It's the lingo that makes our land Down Under as unique as a kangaroo in a swagman's hat.  

From "bloke" to "barbie," "chook" to "ute," we've got slang for just about everything, mate. It's our way of adding a bit of dinky-di Aussie flavor to our conversations.

If your already know what it means, no need to go further, mate. Dress up with your favorite Aussie slang

We're diving headfirst into one of the most fair dinkum phrases out there: "fair dinkum." So, grab a cold one, put your feet up, and let's unravel the mystery of this fair dinkum saying, mate!

Fair Dinkum - Where'd it Come From?

So, you wanna know where "fair dinkum" comes from? Well, you gotta go back to the 1850s, mate. Back in the Gold Rush Days.

That's when Australia was buzzing with the gold rush. People from all over the globe were flocking to our golden shores, hoping to strike it rich. We're talkin' about folks from England, China, Ireland, and more.



English Dialect Theory

One theory reckons "fair dinkum" might be linked to an English word – "dinkum." This word was all about workin' hard and gettin' a fair go. They say it popped up in the English Midlands in the 18th century. So, if you say "fair dinkum," it's like sayin', "I've done an honest day's work, and I want an honest day's pay."

Chinese Influence Theory

But wait, there's another theory! Some reckon the Chinese influence during the Aussie gold rush had a say in it. You see, in a Chinese dialect spoken back then, "din" meant "true" or "good," and "gum" meant "gold." So, "fair dinkum" might just mean "true gold" or "genuine gold," mate!


How It Changed Over Time


As time went on, Aussies started usin' "fair dinkum" to mean more than just workin' hard. It became a way of sayin' something's true, genuine, or fair dinkum honest. Like when you say, "He's a fair dinkum bloke," it means he's a top-notch, genuine fella.

Fair Dinkum in History - Some Ripper Moments!

"Fair dinkum" has had its fair share of moments in Aussie history, mate! Here are a few ripper ones:

The Anzacs

During World War I, Aussie soldiers, known as Anzacs, famously used "fair dinkum" to describe something that was genuine and true. When they said, "That's fair dinkum," it meant they were speaking the honest truth in the midst of war.


Aussie Rock 'n' Roll Legends

Now, picture this, mate – the '70s, a wild rock concert in Sydney, and a legendary Aussie rock star, let's call him Mick, belting out the classics. When the crowd shouted, "Mick, you're fair dinkum!" they weren't just sayin' he was genuine; they were sayin' he was the real deal, the party animal of rock 'n' roll!


Cricket Legends

In the world of cricket, where legends like Don Bradman and Shane Warne hail from, "fair dinkum" has been used to praise a genuine and extraordinary performance. If someone played a "fair dinkum" innings, you knew they were a true champion.


Fair Dinkum - It's Part of Who We Are, Mate!

The Aussie Identity

Now, "fair dinkum" isn't just a phrase. It's like the heart and soul of the Aussie identity, mate. It's all about bein' honest, fair, and straightforward – values we hold dear in this great land.

Goin' Global

And ya know what? "Fair dinkum" ain't just ours anymore. It's gone global! You can find it in movies, books, and even on the sports field. When someone from overseas uses "fair dinkum" the right way, it shows they get us, mate.


How to Speak Fair Dinkum

Wanna chat like a true blue Aussie? Here are some examples:


"This bag's got a fair dinkum wallop!" (This bag  is seriously potent!)

"Mate, this bag a fair dinkum powerhouse!" (This bag is a real pure!)

"That bud was a fair dinkum knock-out!" (That weed was really strong!)

"This whiskey's got a fair dinkum bite!" (This whiskey is quite potent!)

"Is he a fair dinkum Aussie?" (Is he a real Aussie?)

"She's a fair dinkum party animal!" (She knows how to have a good time, mate!)

"That party was fair dinkum epic!" (It was a true-blue, ripper of a party, I tell ya!)

"His Aussie accent is fair dinkum spot on." (His Australian accent is absolutely accurate.)

"We had a fair dinkum bonzer day at the beach." (We had an amazing day at the beach.)

"He's a fair dinkum legend!" (He's a genuine hero.)

"This track is a fair dinkum banger!" (This song is a genuine hit!)

"She's a fair dinkum looker, isn't she?" (She's quite attractive, don't you think?)

"That girl is fair dinkum fit." (That girl is Attractive.)

"That deal is fair dinkum." (That deal is fair dinkum honest, mate.)

"This track is a fair dinkum banger!" (This song is a genuine hit!)

Wrappin' it Up

In a nutshell, "fair dinkum" is more than just words. It's a phrase deeply woven into the tapestry of Australian culture and history. While theories about its origin may vary, its significance to Aussies is unwavering.


From the days of the gold rush to modern times, "fair dinkum" has been a linguistic badge of honor, signaling honesty, authenticity, and a true-blue Aussie spirit. It's not just slang; it's a reflection of the Australian way of life.


So, next time you use it, whether you're describing the potency of a drink, praising a friend's party prowess, or just having a good old chinwag with your mates, remember where it came from. Embrace the Aussie spirit, keep the linguistic tradition alive, and let "fair dinkum" be your guide to speaking dinkum with your mates, mate!

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