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Singles Awareness Day: 5 tips for all bachelors out there

Singles Awareness Day: 5 tips for all bachelors out there

Who cares about Valentine's Day when you have such a huge celebration right afterward? If you're a bachelor and haven't heard, now you do: set an alarm to gather your gang and celebrate, mate. It's Singles Awareness Day!

If there's a day you can get away with almost anything as a bachelor, this is it. The perfect excuse to do everything you want. If you're tired of heart-shaped boxes, smelling flowers, and crowding restaurants, try these 5 tricks to make your day the best it can be!

What's Singles Awareness Day?

On February 15th, all single degenerates gather to celebrate their existence, and it is dedicated to all the beast people out there. It is a day to celebrate being in the best position you can be in life and embracing independence!

Singles Awareness Day is celebrated in different countries with different names and on different dates. Single's Day in China, November 11th; Bachelor's Day, February 29th, amongst others.

As a matter of fact, the date was established by college students who were single and started organizing parties to celebrate February 15th as a backlash to Valentine's Day.

A whole day to focus on self-love, self-care, and, well, doing what we love the most: partying! 

Tip #1 for Singles Awareness Day: gather with bachelors

Celebrate with other bachelors like you. Host singles parties, go out for some nose beers, or walk around with your favorite crew of degenerates.

Let's be honest, it's always fun to celebrate life with your gang, and it's guaranteed that the kickons will end up in great parties. If you were bothered by February 14th, this is the day to remind romantic couples what's really mint and what really is self love!

Tip #2 for Singles Awareness Day: treat yourself to some self care

Talking about self-love, since this is a day dedicated to you, you, and you, take the time to treat yourself to something special.

There's no right or wrong way; single people all around the world know better how to proudly stand by their single status by being self-reliant and celebrating love as they celebrate singleness.

So take your favorite single person on a date, buy yourself gifts, and invest in the best of relationships: a spa day, a new outfit, or a fancy dinner. Treating yourself to something special is a great way to celebrate being single and show yourself some love.

Tip #3 for Singles Awareness Day: get to know a new place

Take your favorite single person for a walk. No one is asking you to dive into a hiking plan or climb mountains, mate. We're just suggesting that you get to know new places, you can even bring your gang.

Walk around the city and get to know new bars and places where you'll make your new single's memories, if you know what we mean.

Other than that, explore new hobbies and interests, whether it's trying a new sport, taking a cooking class, or learning a new language. Exploring new things is a great way to grow and develop, and it can help you find new passions and interests.

But we bet you'll prefer the bars.

Tip #4 for Singles Awareness Day: discover new hobbies

If you're willing to spend time, quality time with yourself, discover new ways to enjoy that. People celebrate differently, so take Singles Awareness Day to find new things you can do.

Tip #5 for Singles Awareness Day: go shopping for the day

If Singles Awareness Day is about taking care of yourself and getting what you want, there will be no plus ones, no happy Valentine's Day, no let's eat tonight (and spend a lot of money), and you must look perfect to seize the day.

It is necessary to spend some time alone in order to enjoy yourself. Add a bit of shopping to that math, and there you go, a perfect Singles Awareness Day. Take your time when shopping for amazing clothing online to refresh your closet. Want to do it by getting Nastee?


Do it like the nastiest bachelors and celebrate being single with apparel that makes a statement. Our Aussie tees, hoodies, bucket hats, and crop tops await you.

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