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12 Bachelor Party Ideas For Aussie Groomsmen

12 Bachelor Party Ideas For Aussie Groomsmen

So your mate decided to tie the knot?

And yeah, you can joke and lament his last days of freedom, or...

Be happy for the groom to be and gift him the most memorable bachelor party ever!

Of course, you can go the safe nose beers, booze, strippers route.

But you can also spice it all up even more, with unique bachelor party ideas that you'll all talk about - or stay quiet about - for the rest of your life.

So buckle up, because we're gonna share some ideas as well. Let's dive into a crazy world of Aussie bachelor parties.

1. First, Gear Up!

Before you venture into the unpredictable night it's important to get some essentials required for every activity.

And the one that's usually the most neglected is... the bachelor party uniform!

Yep, if you want to create a one-of-a-kind happening, don't underestimate the aesthetics. The bachelor knights' armor.

No, we're not talking about expensive tux and the likes... You can make it awesome, casual, symbolic... Something in the groom's honor.

If he has a favorite Aussie football team, you all put on the full kit. If he has a favorite band, a video game, or whatever, you can all get the same tees.

Or you can go full party vibe and grab a Nastee each - combining the ultimate desire to get wasted with a sprinkle of Aussie culture.

Whatever you choose, we're sure the groom will love it more than a suit. Plus if you have a banger of a night, you won't be sorry to see it ruined tomorrow.

Unlike your $1200 Brooks Brothers tux...

2. Rent a Cabin In the Woods

How does the great outdoors sound?

If you want to turn one night into an adventurous bachelor party weekend, you can do a lot worse than renting a remote cabin and spending quality time with your mates... and maybe some other guests.

A weekend in the wilderness opens an array of possibilities.

Start with a day-long hike, maybe even leaving clues in the forest about the groom's "life before the wedding." Then, when the evening comes, prepare for the biggest party ever.

Remember, out there in the woods, away from society... Opportunities are endless.

Just be careful so you don't accidentally end up in a horror flick!

bachelor party idea cabin in the woods

3. Plan a Brewery Crawl

A bachelor party celebration doesn't have to be all in one place.

Do your mates like to be on the move at all times? In that case, you can map out your own epic adventure. Going from inn to inn...

If you're not aware of brewery tours in your place, you can check for local breweries and check all that seem interesting. Then, your pub crawl can begin!

Pro tip: Don't go all-in from the beginning. A brewery tour is a long and daunting task reserved for the brave.

4. Attend a Sporting Event

If your groom to be is a sports fan, this is a great way to score some major points.

Being out there at the stadium rooting for your local team with your mates is a great way to get the juices flowing.

After all, competition breeds adrenaline, which can spill into an epic continuation into the night.

So take a look at your local sporting events, plan out how you'll get there and maybe even get the appropriate jerseys!

bachelor party ideas sporting event

5. Organize Your Own Sporting Event

Here's another idea!

Instead of watching others play, you can do it by yourself.

Of course, only if other groomsmen are up for it as well! You don't want to overburden yourself and exhaust before the big event.

In case your mates are up for a good ol' Aussie rules footy, go karting, or even water sports if you can rent a pool - go for it.

Get all that energy out before you move onto the second phase - which won't be any less demanding.

6. Organize an Adrenaline Rush Adventure

It's not for everyone, but if your groom's style is craving for a thrilling feeling and living on the edge - then it's time for to ramp up the adrenaline-o-meter.

Here are some heart pumping events you could organize in Australia:

  • Skydiving
  • Jet Boat Ride
  • Abseiling
  • Racecar Hot laps
  • Bungee jumping
  • Slacklining
  • Kayaking
  • Cage diving
  • Rafting
  • Ski trip

    And this is just the start!

    There's plenty more to dig into if groomsmen and groom are all proper adrenaline junkies...

    7. Organize a Beach Day

    How about renting out a house by the beach?

    Australia is filled with awesome beach houses, some with private pools, where you can create an unforgettable party.

    Just think about it - you and your mates all together, beach, pool or hot tubs, booze, and you can sprinkle in some stuff to lift up the atmosphere further...

    We'll leave the choices of that stuff to you.

    bachelor party beach house

    8. Plan Out an Aussie Road Trip

    Groom and his mates on an 87-mile long Coastal drive?

    Or, driving along the Great Barrier Reef.. occasionally stopping to grab a pint, or just enjoy the view...

    Sounds like a bachelor weekend to remember, right?

    Pick your friends, map out a route, decide on a designated driver - either a non-drinker among your friends or you can pay for a person to drive - and you're all set.

    Road trips are usually weekend-long endeavors that ain't easy so make sure you and your groomsmen are fully charged.

    9. Rent Out a Party Bus

    Road trips, hiking, camping... You may find these exhausting and a lot of hassle.

    If your mates are against weekend-long draining bachelor party ideas, you can bring the basics back - like a good old party bus.

    Plenty of guys hold bachelor parties entirely in these buses.

    They're convenient, easy to rent, can last the entire night, and will drop you off at different events and wait for you to return. Heck, they'll even drop you off home at the end of the party.

    You can find a bunch of opportunities to rent such a bus in Australia, so make sure you find one that fits your budget and your party terms.

    Also, for this type of event - the more the merrier. Don't be shy to invite guests as well.

    10. Make It a Barbie Day

    Oi mate, put some shrimp on that bar—

    No, no, just kidding. But you can still make an awesome bachelor party that doesn't include any exotic spots or all-night benders in clubs and party buses.

    You can gather your boys and spend an entire day messing about while the BBQ smell is filling up the yard - or a rental of your choice.

    Of course, booze and extra miscs are welcome, and who knows - boys' night can turn into quite a bender.

    bachelor party idea barbie day

    11. Make a Video Game Night

    If your entire group is not up for an all-nighter of getting wasted... Maybe board games or video games are a more fun way to spend the night.

    And there's nothing wrong with it... It can also be a wild night. Bloody oath!

    So make a list of games you're gonna play, consult with your mates on it, grab your favorite beer, some good food, and you're ready for the big day.

    Might not be a perfect event, but beats endless making reservations and spending cash on entrance fees.

    12. Go Camping

    Similar to renting a remote cabin... But without a cabin.

    Instead, you'll bring your camping gear and spend some time out in the woods. Which is also a great way to experiment with some wild stuff.

    There are loads of national parks in Australia you can pick for your camping site if you're a fan of an open wilderness.

    Furthermore, you can combine camping with a fishing trip or similar activities.

    Of course, don't forget to bring some goodies as well!


    You're Ready to Make a Memorable Bachelor Party

    We hope these bachelor party ideas helped you out.

    If you have a great bachelor party idea, make sure you share it with us in the comment session.

    Remember, this is your mate's last weekend as a single man, and there's no better way to spend it than with best friends... and anything else you think is necessary.

    Time to get Nastee!

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