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5 Party Games that will ignite pres and get everyone loose as a goose

5 Party Games that will ignite pres and get everyone loose as a goose

So ya throwing a bonzer party? Well, it can't be just about tucker and grog. You need fair dinkum party games to crank up the fun, break the ice, and have a ripper of a time! 

Whether it's a birthday bash, a barbie, or a good ol' get-together, these five party games will get ya cobbers laughin', chit-chattin', and havin' a bloody good time.

#1 Two Truths and a Lie - For party games investigators

Aye, this classic icebreaker game's a corker! Each bloke or sheila takes turns spillin' three statements about themselves. 

Two of 'em are dinky-di true, while one's a big, fat fib. The rest of the mob has to suss out which one's the lie.


It's a bonzer way for mates to get to know each other better and stir up a fair bit of banter. Get ready for a few surprises and a good ol' belly laugh, mate! Want to spice things up? Play it with some functioning alcoholics 


#2 Charades - For party games nerds

Struth! Charades is a real ripper that never fails to get everyone crackin' up and havin' a bloody go. 

Split your mob into teams, and each team takes turns actin' out a movie, book, or phrase without sayin' a word, while their cobbers have a crack at guessin' it. 

You can choose from all sorts of themes like movies, celebs, or song titles to make it a bit more bloody exciting. Charades is a party game grouse for sparkin' creativity, teamwork, and a fair dinkum good time.


#3 What's in Your Phone? - For party games gossipers

This one's a ripper twist on a classic, mate! It's all about what's on ya phone. The aim is to find specific items on ya mobile based on a provided list. 


  1. Write down prompts like "Find a selfie with a famous bloke" or "Dig up the oldest text message in ya inbox." 
  2. Set a time limit, and the bloke or sheila who finds the most items within the time wins.

This game's not only a crack-up but also reveals some fair dinkum funny and surprising facts about your mates' digital lives!


#4 Beer Pong Battle - For party games functioning alcoholics

Strewth! Beer pong is a fair dinkum staple at any get-together, mate. Set up a table with cups filled with amber fluid at each end, makin' a bloody good triangle. 

Each player has a crack at tossin' a ping pong ball across the table, tryin' to sink it in their opponent's cup. When the ball lands in a cup, the poor bugger has to knock back the beer. 

The team that gets rid of all the opponent's cups first wins. Beer pong's a cracker of a game that gets everyone in a ripper mood and fosters some friendly competition.


#5 Mafia - For the party games cobbers

Mafia's a top-notch strategic role-playin' game that tests your powers of persuasion and deduction, mate. 

Assign roles to each cobber, like mafia members and innocent townsfolk. The mafia's gotta knock off the townsfolk without gettin' nabbed, while the townsfolk aim to work out who the bloody mafia is and give 'em the boot. 

This thrillin' game can be played in rounds, and each round brings new challenges and suspicions. Mafia's a corker choice for a larger mob of mates who dig a bit of suspense and use their noggin.

Let the party games begin

Now that you've got the lowdown on how to make your parties absolutely lit with our top-notch party games, why not check out our blog for more tips on how to live the ultimate party life and get down and dirty with us? Get Nastee with us.


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