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5 outrageous Aussie t shirts that will turn heads

5 outrageous Aussie t shirts that will turn heads

If you've been around for some time now, we're pretty sure you love the audacious fashion and head-turning style that collides in the wildest Aussie streetwear you've ever seen! 

We're not just talkin' about any run-of-the-mill tees; we've got a collection of outrageous t-shirts that'll have you standin' out in any crowd and ownin' the party scene like a true blue legend.

Nastee is a celebration of being wild and livin' life to the fullest. From the cheeky humor of our "Coight in the Sheets" tee to the nostalgia-inducing "Scooby Doobs" design, each shirt has a story to tell and a personality that'll match yours.

But what are the best ones to have on your collection, the ones to initiate your collection or even the ones to gift a true blood such as your mate?

Let's dive into the top 5 outrageous Nastee Aussie t-shirts that'll take your style game to a whole new level. Grab a cold one and buckle up, 'cause we're in for a ripper ride!

Scooby Doobs T-Shirt

If we were to start a Nastee collection close to Halloween, we'd go for this one. The perfect mix of the ever scared and friendly dog with a reminder of what keeps you and your mates united.

Picture this – you're rockin' the "Scooby Doobs" tee at a barbie with your mates. As soon as they see that iconic cartoon character, they're howlin' with laughter and givin' you thumbs up! 

It's like a ripper time machine back to the good ol' days of telly, and you're the life of the party.

Functioning Alcoholic T-Shirt

We all want to get to that level. Party hard and keep up with our daily chores so we can reach new levels of partying hard. In the moment your mates see you with that Fucnctioning Alcoholic  tee, they'll recognize themselves immediately!

Send Noods T-Shirt

Now, this one's a corker, mate! You're at a ripper house party, and you've got on the "Send Noods" tee. You'll bang all the pics! Use this shirt and make sure to have your phone plim, plim, plim!

It's like you've unleashed the mischievous party beast within, and everyone's crackin' up at the internet slang turned fashion statement! You're the talk of the town, and the night is just gettin' started!


Goosebumps T-Shirt

This is the type of tee your mates will be staring for a while before the relieving "ahhh…that's what it means" followed a huge laughter.

There are so many ways to use the Goosebumps shirt: festivals, house parties, the kickons…we're sure your mates will want one too.

You can take a look at 5 scenarios where a Goosebumps shirt comes in handy 

Should we get a bag T-Shirt

Now, we're going to end this list with the cherry (or the bag) on top of the pie. Having a "Should we get a bag?" shirt and using it around means to be a reference and inspiration for your mates.

If you're still new to Nastee's lifestyle, find out here what get a bag means and 6 scenarios where you should get a bag.

These Nastee tees ain't just clothes, mate – they're, a lifestyle, and a symbol of the fearless party spirit us Aussies are known for.Embrace the audaciousness, embrace the fun, and let your t-shirt do the talkin'.

Trying to discover other outrageous designs other than these ones? Check our tees here.

Get ready to unleash your wild side, party like there's no tomorrow, and show the world what it means to be truly Nastee! So, grab your favorite tee, round up your mates, and let's paint the town Nastee! 🍻🎉


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