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10 Coachella 2023 styles that should be on your lineup

10 Coachella 2023 styles that should be on your lineup

So we are aware 10 out of 10 Nastee degenerates reading this are frothin' at the mouth to get to Coachella 2023! 

Fair dinkum, it's one of the most epic festivals around, and you know we know how to party hard. It's time to start thinkin' about your outfit, because you don't wanna look like a F-boy/girl, do ya? 

Here at Nastee, we're all about being bold and having fun, so we've chucked together a list of the top 10 Coachella styles you need to check out before ya hit the desert. So, don't be a diva, grab a Stubby and have a squiz at our outfit tips.

Tee & Shorts

When it comes to festival fashion, it's all about keeping it simple? Sometimes, yea! So chuck on a classic tee and a decent pair of shorts, and you're good to go! You can add your own spice with Nastee statement designs.

It's the perf casual look for all the festival hopping you're gonna do. Don't forget to slap on some sunscreen, though - we don't want you looking like a lobster!


Hawaiian Shirt

Oi oi oi, surf's up, mate! You wanna look like a true-blue surfer dude at the festival? Get yourself a bloomin' colorful Hawaiian shirt, and the crowd will be hangin' ten on your style. 

hawaiian shirt malehawaiian shirt female

It's the absolute perfect way to throw some cobba vibes to the party, and show everyone you're a true ocean lover. Ah, remember you can always wear a bucket hat with it to upgrade your style.

All-White Everything

Stay cool and chic in head-to-toe white. It's a bold choice that's sure to turn heads.


Retro Revival

It's time for some real festival fashion, 70s style! Chuck on your striped flares, your tie-dye shirt, and those funky retro sunnies - you're gonna look like a true blue, flower child! 

Retro Style for MenRetro Style for Women

It's all about embracing your inner hippie vibes, and showin' everyone that you're the coolest cat in the crowd. So, put on some flower power, dust off your dancing shoes and get ready for a far out time! Peace, love and music, baby!


Bold Prints

From animal prints to tropical patterns, bold prints are a great way to stand out in a sea of festival-goers.

Bold Prints for MenBold Prints for Women

Denim Dreams

Denim shorts, jackets, and skirts are a Coachella staple. Dress it up with some embellishments or keep it simple with a classic white tee.

Denim for menDenim for Women

Neon Nights

Neon is making a comeback and there's no better place to rock it than Coachella. Go all out with a bright dress or keep it subtle with neon accessories.

Neon clothes for women

Western Vibes

Fringed suede jackets, cowboy boots, and wide-brimmed hats are all great ways to add a touch of western flair to your festival look.

Western clothes for men and women

 Tim Regas/@wheresmydriver

Metallic Madness

Shimmer and shine in metallics like silver, gold, and rose gold. It's a great way to catch the light and add some extra sparkle to your outfit.

metallic clothes for menmetallic clothes for women

Statement Accessories

Take your outfit to the next level with statement accessories like oversized earrings, layered necklaces, chunky bracelets and, of course, apparel that MAKES a statement.

Accessories for Coachella

Struth, cobber! You've got the lowdown on 10 epic Coachella styles for blokes that'll have you looking like a true-blue legend in the crowd. 

Whether you're into rock, punk or funk, there's no better time to chuck on Coachella gear and let your hair down than at one of the biggest music festivals in the world! 

So go forth and show your mates how it's done, and let your inner Nastee style shine through! It's time to have some fair dinkum fun with fashion, mate!

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