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Bender Sending Drinking Card Game

Spending the night in or setting the mood for a big bender? 

An outrageous and original approach to your favourite drinking games. Players take turns drawing cards, read the question aloud and must abide or adhere to the specified forfeit.


  • 500+ cards pulled at random - the possibility to repeat play this game is endless.
  • 7 fun and interactive categories that will keep the game interesting for hours on end...


🃏 Truth or Sink - Confess your past. 
🃏 Dare or Sink - See who is game.
🃏 Send It - Bottoms up; finish your drink.
🃏 Quickfire – Category based questions, don’t repeat or get caught thinking for too long.
🃏 Ballot - Decide which individual is the most relevant to the card by a group vote.
🃏 Have You? Well...have you?
🃏 Swig Those poor life decisions will catch up to you.